Other Mixer Type Industrial Mixers Datasheets

Aseptic Blending Modules -- Alex
from Alfa Laval Inc.

Alex is a brewery process module for accurate blending of two or more liquids. The module is most commonly used for blending high gravity beer with deaerated water, blending of beer with adjustment beer or for the reconstitution of low alcohol beer.It can also be used for the general purpose of... [See More]

  • Media Type: Liquids
  • Operating Condition: Continuous / In-Line
  • Feed Rate (volumetric): 1321 to 21134
  • Mounting: Floor Mounted
Flex-O-Mix® Wet Mixing and Agglomeration System
from Bepex International LLC

Ideal for applications with high moisture addition and/or a porous, dispersible granule is desired. Capable of feeding multiple powders, and circumferentially arranged spray nozzles permit simultaneous injection of up to four different liquid streams. Instant mixing and short retention time (1-2... [See More]

  • Media Type: Powder or Granular
  • Operating Condition: Continuous / In-Line
  • Mixer Type: Agglomeration
  • Mounting: Floor Mounted
Continuous Powder Processing Systems (Zig Zag)
from Buflovak LLC

Patterson-Kelley has taken the proven technology of the Zig-Zag ® continuous blender and reduced the size specifically for the pharmaceutical and research and development industries. The new continuous powder processing system is small enough to provide a perfect lab unit while matching the... [See More]

  • Media Type: Solid with Liquid Addition; Powder or Granular
  • Operating Condition: Continuous / In-Line
  • Mixer Type: Zig-Zag®Continuous Blender
  • Mounting: Floor Mounted
Cyclomix™ Electronic Mixing -- Multi
from EXEL North America, Inc.

CYCLOMIX ™ electronic dosing to handle several colors : CYCLOMIX ™ Multi can handle up to 7 different bases and 3 catalysts. Modular design CYCLOMIX ™ Multi can be positionned in zone 1 or 2 (Directive ATEX). Programming and use are user-friendly by means of a large touch screen. [See More]

  • Media Type: Liquids
  • Feed Rate (volumetric): 1 to 32
  • Viscosity Range: 30 to 5000
  • Mixer Type: Mixing Plate
Central Inverted Cone Blender
from FLSmidth

Open Airslide ™ sections in the flat annulus ensure full clean-out when required. Material enters the central bin via multiple Airslide blending materials from different areas of the silo floor. An arrangement of air valves activates sequential discharge and provides a continuous blending of... [See More]

  • Media Type: Powder or Granular
  • Operating Condition: Continuous / In-Line
  • Mixer Type: Inverted Cone Blender
  • Mixer / Homogenizer Location: Bottom Entry
A-Series (Atmospheric) Vertical Blender -- A-10
from Charles Ross and Son Company

Vertical Blenders are an excellent design alternative for applications that are shear sensitive or where space on the plant floor is at a minimum. The gentle blending action of the slow turning blending screw is far gentler than that of a horizontal blender. The blending screw orbits the conical... [See More]

  • Media Type: Liquids; Liquid with Suspended Solids; Powder or Granular
  • Mixer Type: Screw; Orbital Arm
  • Capacity (volumetric): 10
  • Operating Condition: Batch
Portable Batch Mixer
from DME Company

The PORTABLE BATCH MIXER is solidly built for years of trouble-free service. This direct-driven, timer controlled mixer features a 14 gauge body, sidewall construction, industrial weight vertical auger, and safety disconnect switches on both covers. Its 44 inch square leg pattern is designed to fit... [See More]

  • Media Type: Powder or Granular
  • Mixer Type: Screw; Direct Drive Vertical Auger
  • Capacity (volumetric): 10 to 60
  • Operating Condition: Batch
Chemical Blending Module -- ChemFlex™ B3
from Edwards Vacuum

The ChemFlexTM B3 Chemical Blending Module ensures a safe and reliable system to blend and deliver the ultra pure chemistries used to manufacture semiconductors. The ChemFlex B3 Module achieves exceptionally accurate and repeatable results using patented MassFusionTM Technology. This module is... [See More]

  • Media Type: Liquids
  • Mixer Type: MassFusion™
  • Feed Rate (volumetric): 0 to 110
  • Operating Condition: Batch; Continuous / In-Line
Drum Top Mixer
from Eriez

When more accurate and automatic mixing is required, consider the Eriez Proportioner. The Eriez Proportioner is a water-driven, positive displacement proportioner, which dispenses coolant on demand at the desired concentration. Average flow rate is 5 GPM. Mixing ranges are available from 1% to 25%. [See More]

  • Media Type: Liquids
  • Mixer Type: Venturi
  • Feed Rate (volumetric): 180 to 1500
  • Operating Condition: Continuous / In-Line
Jet Mud Mixer
from GN Solids control Co., Ltd.

GNSL series Jet Mud mixer is used to prepare and increase the drilling fluids weight by adding and mixing bentonite which changes the fluid density, the mud density, viscosity, and dehydration properties. The effect is more prominent when coupled with a Shear Pump. GNSL jet mud mixer is a unit used... [See More]

  • Media Type: Liquid with Suspended Solids
  • Mixer Type: Jet Mixer
  • Feed Rate (volumetric): 11888 to 84535
  • Operating Condition: Continuous / In-Line
Termomix® Paddle Dryer / Reactor -- TM 10000
from Heinkel USA

TM 1500 - TM 40000. Termomix ® Paddle Dryer / Reactor. The Termomix ® vacuum paddle dryer / reactor is intended for monoproduction applications or bulk production facilities as mixer, reactor, precipitator and dryer. The agitator is supported on both ends providing excellent mixing... [See More]

  • Media Type: Solid with Liquid Addition; Liquid with Suspended Solids
  • Mixer Type: Agitators; Paddle; Vacuum
  • Capacity (volumetric): 254
  • Operating Condition: Batch
Nobilta™ -- NOB-1000
from Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems

A new-generation machine designed for particle surface modification and sphericalization, micro to precision macro mixing and production of engineered composites. Equipped with water-cooled jacket for even operating temperature control. Options for hard-facing and ceramic lined components. Ideal for... [See More]

  • Media Type: Powder or Granular
  • Mixer Type: Powder Processor
  • Capacity (volumetric): 10.59
  • Operating Condition: Batch
Double Arm Sigma Blade Polymix Mechanical Drive Mixer - Heavy -- M 130-L
from Jaygo, Inc.

Double Arm Sigma Blade Mixers are engineered specifically for kneading, mixing, and homogenizing wet, pasty, and highly viscous products. The two Double Arm Sigma shaped blades, which sit horizontally and parallel at the bottom of the mixing trough, provide thorough mixing. The blades rotate at... [See More]

  • Media Type: Liquids; Solid with Liquid Addition; Liquid with Suspended Solids; Powder or Granular
  • Mixer Type: Double Arm Blade
  • Capacity (volumetric): 45.91
  • Operating Condition: Batch
Quadro® Mixing Unit w/ Serendip HSH -- Model HSH-0
from Quadro Engineering Corp.

Co-axial agitator for maximum mixing performance [See More]

  • Media Type: Liquids; Liquid with Suspended Solids; Powder or Granular
  • Mixer Type: Homogenizer; High Shear Mixer
  • Capacity (volumetric): 0.7063 to 1.77
  • Operating Condition: Batch