Refrigerant  Gas Compressors and Gas Compressor Systems Datasheets

Ultra-high-speed turbo compressor -- CT-14-1000
from Celeroton AG

Ultra-high-speed turbo compressors provide outstanding solutions with respect to compactness, low weight and high operating efficiency. Our systems are, in comparison to regular speed compressors, up to a hundred times lighter, smaller and more efficient. Celeroton ‘s compressor product range... [See More]

  • Gases Handled: Air; Refrigerant; Various Gases
  • Inlet / Suction Pressure: 18.85
  • Compressor Technology: Centrifugal
  • Horse Power: 1.34
Frick® Rotary Screw Compressor Packages -- RWF II
from Johnson Controls / FRICK / YORK PROCESS SYSTEMS

We engineer the world ’s best industrial refrigeration compressors at Johnson Controls, like the Frick ® RWF II Compressor Package, which features rotor designs that provide the strongest, most efficient operation for their applications. These Frick compressors are designed for use with... [See More]

  • Gases Handled: Ammonia; Hydrocarbon; Refrigerant; Halocarbons
  • Discharge / Operating Pressure: 200 to 500
  • Compressor Technology: Rotary Screw
  • Mass Flow Capacity: 6402
GT - Series: Integrally geared centrifugal compressors for gas and air applications, up to 200 bar discharge pressure, driver power up to 40 MW. -- 1521439
from Atlas Copco USA

Driven by Integral Gear technology, Atlas Copco ’s GT Series provides maximum compressor efficiency and reliability. This ensures sustainable productivity in processes across dozens of industries and applications. Our GT compressors are present from the steel mills of China to complex oil and... [See More]

  • Gases Handled: Air; Ammonia; Argon; Corrosive / Sour Gas; Carbon Dioxide; Helium; Hydrocarbon; Natural Gas / Methane; Nitrogen; Oxygen; Propane; Refrigerant
Horizontally Split Gas C ompressor -- 3MCL
from Bharat Heavy Electronics Ltd. (BHEL)

3 MCL TYPE LOW AND MEDIUM PRESSURE MULTISTAGE COMPRESSORS. These are multistage compressors for low and medium pressures, with horizontally split casings provided with intermediate injection and extraction nozzles. The compressor stages are selected for the respective flow quantities and arranged... [See More]

  • Gases Handled: Ammonia; Refrigerant
  • Features: Multistage
Horizontally Split Compressors
from GE Energy

Horizontally split compressors are used primarily for low and medium pressure applications in ethylene and fertilizer plants refineries, LNG for refrigeration, air compression, etc. The GE product line covers all market needs from standardized equipment to cutting-edge compression solutions such as... [See More]

  • Gases Handled: Carbon Dioxide; Refrigerant; Ethylene
  • Applications: Oil Refining / Chemical Processing; Gas Production, Refinery
  • Compressor Technology: Axial; Centrifugal
Big 4 Series -- Open Drive Reciprocating Compressors
from Hartford Compressors, Inc.

Reciprocating piston-type compressor with option of unloading [See More]

  • Gases Handled: Refrigerant
  • Inlet Temperature: -40 to 55
  • Compressor Technology: Reciprocating Piston
  • Mass Flow Capacity: 55 to 111