Bare Thermistors Datasheets

192 Series, Uni-Curve with bare leads and epoxy, 1,000 Ohm resistance, ±0,2 °C [0.36 °F] tolerance, 25/85 BETA = 3348 -- 192-102DET-A01
from Honeywell Sensing and Control

192 Series Thermistors are high quality, low-cost, resistance temperature-matched interchangeable units. They offer additional cost savings by eliminating the need for individual resistance temperature calibration, as well as standardization of circuit components and simplification of design and... [See More]

  • Coating: Bare; Epoxy
  • Resistance (@25°C): 1000
  • Temperature Range: -60 to 150
  • Thermal Time Constant: 15
Linear Thermistor Components -- Linear Thermistors
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

For applications requiring thermistors with linear response to temperature change, OMEGA offers linear components. These unique devices consist of a thermistor composite for temperature sensing and an external resistor composite for linearizing. [See More]

  • Coating: Bare
  • Resistance (@25°C): 3200 to 88200
  • Temperature Range: -55 to 100
  • Thermal Time Constant: 10
Standard Disc Style NTC Thermistor -- D1002K10
from API Technologies

Spectrum Sensors & Controls standard disc style thermistors are ideal for use in those applications where low cost and a rugged design are desired. Thermistors are available either coated or uncoated and are available in a variety of resistance values, curves and tolerances to suit a wide... [See More]

  • Coating: Bare (optional feature); Epoxy (optional feature)
  • Dissipation Constant: 9
  • Resistance (@25°C): 100
  • Package / Electrode Type: Bead
Moxie® Thermal Sensor (NTC) -- TS3-57
from Canadian Thermostats & Control Devices LTD.

Moxies are a family of variable resistance thermal sensors having a highly specific "transition region". Within this transition region the devices typically exhibit a negative temperature coefficient ranging from 40 % per °C to 300 % per °C. Below the transition region they exhibit a... [See More]

  • Coating: Bare
  • Resistance (@25°C): 35000 to 230000
  • Temperature Range: -20 to 120
  • Special Reference Temperature: 35
Thermistor Probe -- HI 762A/11
from Hanna Instruments, Inc.

Probe for air & gasses with a 10 meter cable [See More]

  • Coating: Bare
  • Package / Electrode Type: Bead
  • Temperature Range: -50 to 150
  • Lead Style: Radial
Interchangeable NTC IN Series -- IN-*001K-A1
from Selco Products Company

Small size with ease of handling [See More]

  • Coating: Bare (optional feature); Epoxy (optional feature); Phenolic (optional feature)
  • Resistance (@25°C): 1000
  • Temperature Range: 20 to 45
  • Thermal Time Constant: 0.7500
PHC Series -- PHC08100 A030
from The Inter-Technical Group, Inc. (ITG)

1. Self-regulating heating element. 2. Contant temperature. 3. Circuit simple. 4. Suitable for clamp-contacting. 5. Stable over a long life [See More]

  • Coating: Bare
  • Package / Electrode Type: Chip/Surface
  • Resistance (@25°C): 10
  • Lead Style: Leadless
RTD and Thermistor -- ENVIROSEAL RTD Sensors
from Watlow®

Watlow's platinum resistance elements are specially designed to ensure precise and repeatable temperature versus resistance measurements. The sensors are made with controlled purity platinum wire and high purity ceramic components. They are constructed in a unique, strain-free manner. Several RTD... [See More]

  • Coating: Bare
  • Resistance (@25°C): 100 to 1000
  • Temperature Range: -50 to 260
  • Package / Electrode Type: Bead