Permeometer -- 4301N
from Gurley Precision Instruments

Densometers are the accepted standard for measuring the porosity of materials such as papers, wovens, plastics and membranes. All Densometers measure the time required for a given volume and of air (25cc to 400cc) to flow through a standard area of material being tested under light uniform pressure. [See More]

  • Display & Special Features: Analog
  • Test Media: Paper; Textiles
  • Properties Analyzed: Pore Size or Densometry
Automated Catalyst Characterization System -- AutoChem II 2920
from Micromeritics

The AutoChem II 2920 is a fully automated chemisorption analyzer that can provide your laboratory with the ability to conduct a comprehensive array of highly precise studies of chemical adsorption and temperature-programmed reactions. With this single instrument, you can acquire valuable information... [See More]

  • Display & Special Features: Analog; Benchtop or Laboratory
  • Test Media: Chemicals; Metals; Catalyst
  • Properties Analyzed: Total Surface Area
  • Methods, Technology & Standards: Temperature-Programmed Reduction (TPR), Desorption (TPD), Oxidation (TPO), and Reaction Analyses
HPA-100 -- 96500
from VTI Corporation (TA Instruments)

For determination of equil. Isotherms using the static volumetric method [See More]

  • Display & Special Features: Analog; Digital; PC Interface / Networkable; Video
  • Methods, Technology & Standards: Volumetric Isotherm
  • Properties Analyzed: Pore Volume or Porosimetry