Powder Diffractometers Datasheets

D4 Endeavor
from Bruker AXS, Inc.

Flexibility for suitably shaped, environment sensitive, small, thin samples [See More]

  • Diffraction Method: Powder
  • Detector: Linear Position Sensors; Scintillation; Proportional Counter, Energy Dispersive
  • Wave: X-Ray
  • Positioning System: Goniometer
CubiX Fast
from PANalytical, Inc.

Quick loading mechanism completes a load/unload cycle in less than 10s [See More]

  • Diffraction Method: Powder; Reflectometry, X-Ray Scattering
  • Detector: Linear Position Sensors; Scintillation; Sealed Xe Proportional Detector
  • Wave: X-Ray
  • Positioning System: Goniometer; Eulerian Cradle; Stage for X, Y or Z positioning of a sample or detector; Sample, Capillary Spinner Stage
Θ/Θ Rotating Anode XRD Diffractometer -- TTRAX III
from Rigaku Corporation

The TTRAX III is the world ’s most powerful diffractometer. Utilizing an 18 kW rotating anode X-ray source in a θ/ θ geometry provides the perfect system for demanding applications. Both thin film diffraction and the determination of trace phases in powdered samples benefit greatly... [See More]

  • Diffraction Method: Powder
  • Detector: Cross Beam Optical (CBO) Technology
  • Wave: X-Ray
  • X-ray Generator Output: 18000

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