Monochromating Crystal Diffractometers Datasheets

D8 Advance
from Bruker AXS, Inc.

Parallel beam optics with gobel mirror, sample spinner [See More]

  • Diffracted Beam Optics: Diffracted beam slits to reduce angular divergence; Crystal Monochromator
  • Detector: Linear Position Sensors; Solid State; Scintillation
  • Wave: X-Ray
  • Diffraction Method: Powder
Advanced Small Molecule CCD Crystallography System -- Saturn Kappa
from Rigaku Corporation

For the expert small molecule crystallographer, where a flexible configuration is required, Rigaku offers the Saturn Kappa chemical crystallography system. The Saturn Kappa is a popular choice of system for single wavelength small molecule crystallography. Most often configured with molybdenum (Mo)... [See More]

  • Diffracted Beam Optics: Crystal Monochromator
  • Detector: Camera; CCD Detector
  • Wave: X-Ray
  • Positioning System: Goniometer