Wired Handset with Articulating Probe (1m) -- HDV-TX1
from Flir Commercial Systems

Features: 1m semi-rigid nondetachable probe (camera head). 6mm diameter camera, 60 ° FOV, Macro. Articulation knob. Connects to HDV600 VideoScope with patch cable (HDV-PC) [See More]

  • Flexibility: Rigid
  • Working Length: 1
  • Diameter: 6
  • Field of View: 60
Extendable Borescopes -- Series 122000
from Instrument Technology, Inc.

Series 122000 Extendable Borescopes have rugged stainless steel construction coupled with exceptional image quality which makes these instruments ideal for many industrial applications. Extendable Borescopes are extremely versatile instruments, combining the highest optical quality and illumination... [See More]

  • Flexibility: Rigid
  • Diameter: 9.52 to 44.45
  • Viewing Angle: Direct (optional feature); Oblique (optional feature); Side (optional feature); Retro (optional feature)
  • Working Length: 0.3810 to 3.05
Aeroengine Borescope -- R050-017-090-60
from Olympus Scientific Solutions America

The aerospace industry has for a considerable period of time adopted rigid borescopes as the preferred choice of instrument for the inspection of aero gas turbine engines. Olympus have partnered with many of the principal engine manufacturers to produce a range of dedicated aeroengine borescopes,... [See More]

  • Flexibility: Rigid
55 Series Rigid Borescope
from Titan Tool Supply, Inc.

The Titan Miniature #55 Series Rigid Borescope is a simple, inexpensive borescope series with an unusually large field of view. It comes complete with a flashlight handle and a 5.5mm diameter (.217") optical tube in two lengths 6 1/4" and 12" long. This series is an ideal shop scope. It is... [See More]

  • Flexibility: Rigid
  • Working Length: 0.1587 to 0.3048
  • Diameter: 5.5
  • Field of View: 60 to 95
Borescope Kit, 17" Length, 4.2mm Diameter -- NT54-063
from Edmund Optics Inc.

High-Resolution Optics and EndoGRIN ™ Relay Lens. Focusable Eyepiece and 90 ° Mirror Tube Included. Superior C-Mount Camera Coupler Available for Video Adaptation. Gradient index (GRIN) technology has made these exciting instruments possible. GRIN relay lenses offer outstanding resolution... [See More]

  • Flexibility: Rigid
  • Field of View: 37
  • Working Length: 0.0020 to ?
Hawkeye Pro Hardy -- PH07
from Gradient Lens Corporation

The clarity and brightness of the Pro Slim bring out all the details in your subject. It offers the best tradeoff between small diameter, length, and bright illumination. Most machined metal parts afford ample access for the Hawkeye Pro Slim borescope and mirror tube. Clearly see burrs and surface... [See More]

  • Flexibility: Rigid
  • Diameter: 6.35
  • Viewing Angle: Direct
  • Working Length: 0.1800
Long Rigid Borescope -- 88970 AF
from Karl Storz Industrial Endoscopy

Maximum image size, eyepiece focusing, images with high color fidelity [See More]

  • Flexibility: Rigid
  • Diameter: 8
  • Viewing Angle: Direct
  • Working Length: 1.14
Borescope Model 990 -- 80.7275
from Rolyn Optics Company

Borescope Model 990. The ROLYN 10-Power Borescope is in wide use for enlarging ground glass images. Exceptionally wide field view (overO.9 inch diameter) and large working distance (approximately 3.06 inches) make it an ideal all around tool. Its smooth 1.025" outside diameter and compact 5.9 inch... [See More]

  • Flexibility: Rigid
  • Diameter: 26.03
  • Viewing Angle: Direct
  • Working Length: 0.0777