Folding / Linen Magnifiers Datasheets

Chrome MagniFlip -- MH-33
from Carson Optical, Inc.

The MH-33 Chrome MagniFlip ™ from Carson Optical is a compact, 3x power flip-open Magnifier with a built-in chrome case. Makes a handsome addition to your desk or drop it in your pocket or purse to carry with you anywhere! The Chrome MagniFlip ™ Magnifier can be used for reading labels... [See More]

  • Type / Mounting: Folding or Linen
  • Size: 40mm (1.5")
  • Magnification: 3
Hands Free™ Fold-Up Magnifier -- Model 3430
from Control Company

Hands-Free ™ Magnifiers allow two-handed examination of objects. They provide a sharp, crisp, distinct image with vivid enhancement of details. Some sizes provide battery-powered brilliant illumination for precision work (batteries supplied). Magnifiers have perfect focus with zero distortion... [See More]

  • Type / Mounting: Folding or Linen
  • Size: 4.375"
  • Magnification: 2.5
  • Lens / Optical System: Single positive lens
4X-9X Bausch & Lomb Folding Double Lens Magnifier -- NT35-042
from Edmund Optics Inc.

These versatile pocket magnifiers are made of high-quality optical glass lenses. The lenses can be used alone or in combination to provide a range of powers"three powers are available with the two-lens models; seven different powers are possible with the three-lens system. The swing-away handle/case... [See More]

  • Type / Mounting: Folding or Linen; Handheld
  • Working Distance / Focal Length: 1.1 to 2.5
  • Magnification: 4 to 9
Linen Tester -- 7549
from REED-Direct

1" LINEN TESTER, 5X MAGNIFICATION. Folding pocket magnifier, ideal for counting threads, magnifying surface finishes. [See More]

  • Type / Mounting: Folding or Linen
  • Size: 1"
  • Magnification: 5
  • Lens / Optical System: Single positive lens