Reference / Working Calibration and Reference Standards Datasheets

Documenting Process Calibrator -- MC4
from Beamex, Inc.

Beamex ® MC4 Documenting Process Calibrator. Document As You Go. Communication with Calibration Software: Using the MC4 together with calibration software provides you with a complete documenting calibration system that produces calibration certificates automatically. All-in-One Functionality:... [See More]

  • Features: Precision System Component; Reference / Working
  • Type & Form: Current (optional feature); Resistance (optional feature); Voltage (optional feature); Standard; Thermocouple Simulator; RTD Simulator
Resistance Reference / Working Standard -- SRA
from IET Labs, Inc.

Economical high performance resistance standards. Designed for use as a reference or working standard in industrial, research, and educational laboratories. [See More]

  • Features: Precision System Component; Reference / Working
  • Type & Form: Resistance; Standard
Coaxial Dial Potentiometer -- Model DP1211
from TEGAM, Inc.

Kelvin-Varley voltage divider, precision resistors throughout [See More]

  • Features: Reference / Working
  • Type & Form: Resistance; Voltage; DecadeBox; Divider; Digital Potentiometer or Bridge