Pin / Plug Gage Calibration and Reference Standards Datasheets

LabMaster® Standard Measuring System -- Model LMS 200
from Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems, Inc.

Our highest accuracy and automated vertical measuring instrument can measure length and thickness with a push of a button. Our exclusive digital interferometer measures the dimension of the specimen by comparing the measurement probe position to the wavelength of a HeNe laser light source,... [See More]

  • Features: Calibration Certificate; NIST Traceability
Balls on Stems
from Kaydon Corp., Industrial Tectonics

ITI supplies answers to special gaging problems with a variety of ball and stem combinations made to precise tolerances. Balls can be any size, and the stem can be any length, diameter and shape. Available in tungsten carbide as well as 440-C stainless steel. [See More]

  • Type & Form: Master or Setting Gage (optional feature); Go / No-Go - Double End  (optional feature); Ball or Spherical Plug
  • Features: Class XX (optional feature); Class X (optional feature); Class Y (optional feature); Class Z (optional feature)
MG - 25 Series -- MG1-25
from Meyer Gage Company, Inc.

Used as masters to calibrate measuring equipment and check linearity of comparators, micrometers, and calipers. These "Tenth Step" gage sets have unlimited applications, such as quality control inspection, prototype work and production layout. Inspectors select from the range of pins to find the... [See More]

  • Type & Form: Cylindrical
  • Features: Calibration Certificate; Class X