Analog Current Volumetric Liquid Flow Switches Datasheets

7000/8000 Series Differential Pressure Orifice Type Flow Meter
from Clark Solutions

Use the 7000/8000 series flow meters for measuring the flow rate of liquids, gases, compressed air and steam in closed pipes. We also make indicating flow switches and flow transmitters for process indication and control. Meters feature a large easy to read analog dial with 270 degree pointer... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current (optional feature); Frequency (optional feature)
  • Pipe Diameter: 0.25 to 8.00
  • Meter Technology: Orifice Plates
  • Mounting: In-line
Variable Area Flowmeter -- DK 32
from KROHNE Group

The DK 32 and DK 34 variable area flowmeters are versatile and can be used for gases and liquids. The sturdy all-metal design ensures high resistance to pressure, temperature and media and stands up to extreme application and environmental conditions. The position of the float is magnetically... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current
  • Pipe Diameter: 0.25
  • Meter Technology: Variable Area
  • Mounting: Insertion
Flow Switches & Flow Indicators -- AD-15 Series
from Malema Sensors

AD-15/ADI-15/ADT-15 series flow switches can be fitted with local flow indicators. AD series flow switches can be used for monitoring liquid and gas flows. Features. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Alarms : Reed switch. Analog Output : 4-20mA transmitter (ADT-15 only). It does not need... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current
  • Meter Type: Volumetric Flow Meter
  • Mounting: In-line
  • Process Media Type: Liquid; Gas
Economical Liquid Turbine Flowmeter -- FTB1300 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The FTB-1300 Series of turbine flow meters are designed for industrial and laboratory measurement of water, solvents and other low viscosity fluids. The FTB-1300 Series turbine flow meters feature a 316 stainless steel body and a tungsten carbide bearing. They offer good accuracy and reliability... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current
  • Pipe Diameter: 0.50 to 2.00
  • Meter Technology: Turbine
  • Mounting: In-line
Oil Flow Meters
from Bijur Delimon International

Application. Individually calibrated and adjustable, Oil Flow Meters regulate and monitor oil flow. Features. Regulate and monitor oil flow to bearings and gears. Individually calibrated and adjustable with out graphs and viscosity curves. Various flow rates available in single meters or in banks of... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current
  • Mounting: In-line
  • Meter Technology: Piston
  • End Fittings: In-line Threaded
Air and Gas Duct Flow Meter -- Model 400
from INTEK, Inc.

Rheotherm flow sensing probes for duct gases are easy to install and provide long-term service with little or no maintenance. The output can be in mass, standard volume or velocity units. Options for hazardous locations (intrinsically safe/explosion-proof) are available. [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current
  • Pipe Diameter: 1.00 to ?
  • Meter Technology: Thermal
  • Mounting: Insertion
IP100 Series Hot-Tap Insertion Sensor -- IP115
from SeaMetrics, Inc.

Hot tap hall effect paddlewheel sensor, specify PVC, brass, and 316 SS [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current (optional feature); Frequency
  • Pipe Diameter: 2.00 to 10.00
  • Meter Technology: Turbine
  • Mounting: Insertion
Universal® Flow Meters -- LE Series
from Universal Flow Monitors, Inc.

Material and seals based on applications, spring-loaded swinging vane [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current (optional feature)
  • Pipe Diameter: 1.50 to 4.00
  • Meter Technology: Rotameter; Variable Area
  • Mounting: In-line
AXF Magnetic Flow meter -- Integral Flow meter
from Yokogawa Corporation of America

The AXF magnetic flowmeter has been developed based on Yokogawa's decades long experience in magnetic flowmeters. It offers outstanding reliability and ease of operation. The AXF magnetic flowmeter is significantly easier to maintain thanks to the combination of replaceable electrodes and a... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current; Frequency
  • Pipe Diameter: 0.10 to 16.00
  • Meter Technology: Electromagnetic
  • Mounting: In-line