Analog Voltage Volumetric Liquid Flow Switches Datasheets

FlexSwitch® Series -- FLT93B-A*00
from Fluid Components Intl. (FCI)

The FLT93B BASIC insertion type FlexSwitch for flow and temperature monitoring represents the first true technological breakthrough in thermal technology in over a decade. FCI is the only thermal manufacturer providing temperature compensation to ensure set point accuracy for process temperatures... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Voltage
  • Pipe Diameter: 0.75
  • Meter Technology: Thermal
  • Mounting: Insertion
Liquid Flow Sensor -- FPR-100 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The FPR100 Series sensors are designed with a one-piece composite rotor, sturdy unibody construction, ceramic shafts, and superior sealing, to provide superior durability and economy. The FPR110 Series, with bright orange spinning rotors provide visual indication of flow only. The FPR120 Series... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Voltage
  • Mounting: In-line
  • Pipe Diameter: 0.25 to 0.75
  • End Fittings: In-line Threaded
Calorimetric Type Flow Meter / Flow Switch -- DTH08
from Clark Solutions

Model DTH08 calorimetric flow sensor measures and monitors liquid flow. Its compact design makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications. Depending on the model, the device can be fitted with an analog output (4 – 20 mA or 0 – 10 V) and a switched or frequency output. The sensor... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current; Frequency; Voltage
  • Pipe Diameter: 0.24 to 0.39
  • Meter Technology: Thermal
  • Mounting: In-line
Liquid Low Flow Meter -- Model 100
from INTEK, Inc.

Rheotherm flow meters are an excellent, and often times the only choice for reliable liquid flow measurement at low flow rates. For flow rates from 1 gallon/year (10 cc/day) to a few GPM, they provide repeatable liquid flow measurement with little or no maintenance. Options for hazardous locations... [See More]

  • Electrical Output: Current; Voltage (optional feature)
  • Pipe Diameter: 0.06 to 1.00
  • Meter Technology: Thermal
  • Mounting: In-line