Coreless / Slotless DC Motors Datasheets

S Series Brushless, Frameless Torque Motor
from Aerotech, Inc.

Design Features. Slotless, brushless ring motors with high torque output and zero cogging. Frameless design for easy integration into OEM machines. Various winding options available. Includes Hall effect sensors for commutation [See More]

  • DC Construction: Permanent Magnet; Coreless / Slotless
  • Shaft Speed: 200 to 8000
  • DC Voltage: 160.0 to 340.0
  • Continuous Current: 2 to 12.4
Coreless Motor -- LN12
from Canon USA Motion Control

Canon Precision's coreless motors create high power output from a small package. Their low moment of inertia provides quick response rates and high controllability. Our coreless motors have demonstrated their high reliability in many applications including cameras and pumps. Customization, like the... [See More]

  • DC Construction: Coreless / Slotless
  • Shaft Speed: 14400
  • DC Voltage: 6.0
  • Continuous Current: 0.2900
Coreless DC Motors -- 0615 S

FAULHABER ® Coreless Technology series 0615_S, 6 mm dia. brush DC micro motor, with choices of 1.5V, 3.0V or 4.5V coil, silver precious metal commutationwith many reduction ratios to choose from. Coreless rotor means no cogging or preferred rotor position. Extremely low current consumption. Low... [See More]

  • DC Construction: Coreless / Slotless
  • Shaft Speed: 20200
  • DC Voltage: 1.5 to 4.5
  • Continuous Torque: 9.73E-4
Brushless DC Torque Motor -- MTM-25-9BL
from MTC Industries & Research Carmiel Ltd.

The MTM-25-9BL is a DC torque motor that provides smooth operation without slot effect. The MTM-25-9BL provides a high accuracy in positioning, actuating, tensioning, measuring and indicating applications for both military and industrial use. Brushless operation eliminates electrical and mechanical... [See More]

  • DC Construction: Permanent Magnet; Coreless / Slotless
  • Output Power: 0.0214
  • Continuous Torque: 0.0310
  • Commutation: Brushless
Slotless Brushless DC Mini Motor -- 22ECP45 ULTRA EC
from Portescap

New 22ECP Miniature Motor Provides Perfect Balance. Between High Speed and High Torque. Universal performance BLDC slotless mini motor solution designed for the most challenging applications. Portescap introduces the new 22ECP two-pole motors which balance speed and torque capabilities, bringing... [See More]

  • DC Construction: Coreless / Slotless
  • Continuous Current: 1 to 2
  • Shaft Speed: 47000
  • Continuous Torque: 0.2451 to 0.2602
Coreless DC Motor: 13mm Series -- NC-132501
from Citizen Chiba Precision Co., Ltd.

Superior responseNo coggingLong life of brush and commutatorMotors with tens of thousands rpm are available as option. [See More]

  • DC Construction: Coreless / Slotless
  • Shaft Speed: 14000
  • DC Voltage: 12.0
  • Continuous Current: 0.1950
DC Motor -- SC21-3702
from Citizen Micro Co., Ltd.

Coreless Motor [See More]

  • DC Construction: Coreless / Slotless
  • Shaft Speed: 7000
  • DC Voltage: 6.0
  • Continuous Current: 0.6300
ECI Motor -- ECI 30.20
from ebm-papst Automotive & Drives, Inc.

With the electronic commutation of the ECI motors the maximum values for life expectancy aremade possible. Based on this the ECI motors can be used in many various applications as maintenance-free drive components throughout the entire life span of the device or machine. Dependingon the motor type... [See More]

  • DC Construction: Coreless / Slotless
  • Shaft Speed: 43000
  • DC Voltage: 24.0
  • Continuous Current: 1.9
High Performance Slotless Brushless DC Motors -- 0.5" x 2.10" Series
from Pittman Motors

The PITTMAN ® high performance slotless dc motor line is perfect for applications requiring a tiny motor capable of very high speeds. The motors have no teeth to attract the magnets, cogging is eliminated, and the motor produces smooth, quiet operation. These motors are perfect for applications... [See More]

  • DC Construction: Coreless / Slotless
  • Shaft Speed: 8000 to 31900
  • DC Voltage: 24.0
  • Continuous Current: 0.4500 to 0.7300
Slotless BLDC Motors -- BL1030
from Sinotech

Slotless Brushless DC Motor Applications. Here are a few of the applications that benefit from the advantages of Sinotech's slotless brushless DC motors: Medical. Powered surgical handpieces. Angioplasty. Surgical robot systems. Prosthetic limb drive systems. High speed medical drills. Cardiac... [See More]

  • DC Construction: Coreless / Slotless
  • Shaft Speed: 12050
  • DC Voltage: 9.0
  • Continuous Current: 0.2100
DC Coreless Motor -- CD16
from TELCO Intercontinental Corp.

Compact size (About 1/3 size and 1/3 weight of PMDC motor when compared with same power), Low inertia (For extremely fast acceleration and deceleration., High efficiency: (Low current consumption and low staring voltage), Reliability (Operates more quietly, longer services life and low inductance) [See More]

  • DC Construction: Coreless / Slotless
  • Shaft Speed: 10600
  • DC Voltage: 1.2 to 21.0
  • Output Power: 0.0013 to 0.0040
Custom Brush Motor -- TGB1610
from ThinGap LLC

Custom brush motors and part sets are available using newly developed designs or we can configure standard motor designs to achieve a wide range of efficiencies, speed, torque and horsepower. These motors are built to order and availability depends on the amount of customization and quantity. [See More]

  • DC Construction: Permanent Magnet; Coreless / Slotless
  • Continuous Current: 28
  • Shaft Speed: 17700 to 22000
  • Continuous Torque: 1 to 1.19

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