Series Wound DC Motors Datasheets

Brush Type DC Motor -- 1125V-036
from Axsys Technologies

Weight: 0.8 oz [See More]

  • DC Construction: Series Wound
  • Continuous Current: 7.84
  • Shaft Speed: 25191
  • Continuous Torque: 0.2500
Mill Duty MD800
from GE Motors

GE has been designing and building DC machines for over 100 years. We can offer new designs and re-rates up to 12,000 HP. Features and Benefits. This low base speed, high torque motor is used in high performance, automatic control systems that require a fast transient response. These motors are... [See More]

  • DC Construction: Shunt Wound (optional feature); Series Wound (optional feature); Compound Wound (optional feature)
  • Output Power: 5 to 250
  • Shaft Speed: 360 to 2050
  • Shaft Orientation: In-line; Single-ended