Hard-Wired / Device Mount Dataline and DC Signal Surge Suppressors Datasheets

PRC Series Surge Suppressor -- PRC-2400

Citel ’s PRC Series is a Quarter Wave Stub (QWS) surge arrestor designed for specific frequency bands. The PRC does not utilize any active components and allows only the specified frequency to pass thus eliminating low frequency transients. This design allows for very high surge handling... [See More]

  • Mounting: Device Mount
  • Technology: Quarter Wave Stub
  • Application: Data Acquisition; Network Applications; Telecom. Applications
  • Connection: Coaxial Cable Connectors (BNC, F Type etc.)
Edco™ DCB Series DC Power Surge Protective Device
from ASCO Power Technologies

Edco DCB Series powered equipment is susceptible to transient events that may pass from the AC, Telco, or Coax services to the equipment directly or through other equipment. Harmful transients found in all power services can cause costly damage and downtime of vital DC powered equipment. In response... [See More]

  • Mounting: Device Mount
  • Technology: Metal Oxide Varistor; Silicon Avalanche Diode
  • Application: Telecom. Applications
  • Connection: Standard Lug (S) Mini Lug (M)
Data Line Surge Protector -- DLP-10G-100V5, 2 WIRE DATA LINE surge protector

The DLP-10G/20G/30G Series are triple-stage hybrid surge protectors that combine brute force primary protection. with high speed silicon Avalanche diode stages for rigorous transient clamping. This series guards mainframes, process controllers and other complex instrumentation from damage due to... [See More]

  • Mounting: Wall/Panel; Device Mount; In-line or Integrally Attached
  • Connection: Screw Down Terminals
  • Technology: Silicon Avalanche Diode; Gas Tubes; Hybrid
RHCA Series Surge Absorber -- RHCA-201Q43U
from Okaya Electric America, Inc.

Micro-gap design, surface mounted gas arrester [See More]

  • Mounting: Device Mount
  • Technology: Gas Tubes
  • Application: Data Acquisition; Network Applications; Telecom. Applications; Audio & Video Applications; Security Systems
  • Connection: Surface Mounted
"Touch Friendly" Terminal Data Transmission Line Series -- DMxxxAy-B
from Surge Suppression Incorporated

"Touch Friendly" Terminal Strip Connected Data Transmission Line Protection - UL497B Listed [See More]

  • Mounting: DIN Rail (optional feature); Device Mount; In-line or Integrally Attached; "Touch Friendly" Enclosure
  • Technology: Hybrid; Up to 2Mbs
  • Application: Data Acquisition; Network Applications
  • Connection: Screw Down Terminals