Features:Other Pressure Transmitters Datasheets

High Press. Flush Diaphragm Transmitter -- PX44E0-5KGI
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

Stainless Steel Construction. Food Processing or Industrial Applications. High Pressure Flush Diaphragm for Measurement of Difficult Fluids. 10 ft (3m) Cable with Conduit Connection for Installation in Harsh Environments. Heavy Duty 1/2 NPT Fitting. 4-20 mA Output for Noise Free Transmission [See More]

  • Features: Temperature Compensated; Explosion Proof
  • Pressure Measurement: Gauge
  • Signal Output: Analog Current
  • Working Pressure Range: 5000
Pressure Transmitter -- MBS 1800
from Danfoss, Inc. - Industrial Automation Division

Sensor for optimized service life for continuous pressure monitoring in diesel and gas engines. Due to its outstanding precision and long term stability of its   quality, this sensor is suitable for demanding monitoring and control. tasks. Highest precision. High service life. Long term... [See More]

  • Features: Integrated Amplifier
  • Pressure Measurement: Cylinder
  • Signal Output: Analog Voltage (optional feature); Analog Current (optional feature)
  • Working Pressure Range: 0.0 to 3626
Model 100LEDP10H20
from DigiVac

This gauge measures from 1 micron (1x10^-3 Torr) up to 1999 Microns. This gauge will display integer micron readings from 200 microns to 1999 microns, and will read tenths of microns when the indicated vacuum is less than 199.9 microns. [See More]

  • Features: Alarm Indicator; TTL Compatible; Calibrated Against NIST
  • Sensor Technology: Piezoelectric
  • Signal Output: Analog Voltage (optional feature); RS232/485 (optional feature); Two SPDT External Connections
  • Pressure Measurement: Absolute; Differential; Sealed; Vacuum; Negative Pressure
Flush Diaphragm Design For Sanitary Standards Gauge Pressure Model C-290
from Setra Systems

The Model C290 meets 3A sanitary standards. A flush diaphragm design and tri-clover fitting make the C290 ideal for applications that must withstand external high-pressure washdown and CIP/SIP cycles. Standard accuracy is 0.20% FS. High accuracy option is available. Features: Food Processing. Dairy... [See More]

  • Features: Sanitary Standards
  • Sensor Technology: Variable Capacitance
  • Signal Output: Analog Current
  • Pressure Measurement: Gauge
Pressure Sensor -- A05-CAN
from STW Technic

Optional up to 257 °F, mobile hydraulic applications [See More]

  • Features: CANopen
  • Sensor Technology: Thin Film
  • Signal Output: CAN Interface
  • Pressure Measurement: Gauge