Sanitary Flow Transmitters Datasheets

ES-FLOW Ultrasonic Flow Meter [4 .. 15000 ml/min] -- ES-FLOW ES-103I
from Bronkhorst USA

ES-FLOW ™ series Low-Flow Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters / Controllers. General. ES-FLOW are Volumetric Liquid Flow Meters/Controllers for very low flowranges. The instruments operate on a innovative measuring principle, usingultrasound in a very small, straight tube. A wide range of liquids... [See More]

  • Features: Built-in Alarm Indicator; Controller; Recorder / Totalizer Functions; Sanitary Applications Rated
  • Interface Options: Serial/Digital; Network/Fieldbus
  • Electrical Output: Current; Frequency; Voltage
  • Display: Digital
In-line Gas Mass Flow Meters -- ST98L
from Fluid Components Intl. (FCI)

The ST98L in-line style mass flow meter is the flow measurement solution for virtually any gas or gas mixture in line sizes 1 to 2 inches [25mm to 50mm].1 With ST98L, FCI combines superior, equal mass thermal-dispersion flow sensing elements and precision electronics with exacting actual fluid... [See More]

  • Features: Programmable; Recorder / Totalizer Functions; Sanitary Applications Rated
  • Interface Options: Serial/Digital
  • Electrical Output: Current; Voltage
  • Front Panel Interface: Digital Front Panel (optional feature); Computer Controllable
Liquid Flow Transmitter and Switch -- FSW-9000 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The FSW-9000 Series is a flow switch monitor that measures the velocity of the flow. It is ideal for use in measurement and control liquid applications. The FSW-9000 Series provides two output options: a 4 to 20mA analog output and a PNP/NPN output. For the 4 to 20 mA output, the electronics ’... [See More]

  • Features: Sanitary Applications Rated
  • Meter Type: Velocity Flow Meter
  • Electrical Output: Current; Switch
  • Velocity Flow Rate: 0.1312 to 6.56
Flow Transmitter for Liquids and Oil - Nylon, N1 -- CF420
from Sitron

Sitron ’s Thermal Dispersion Flow Transmitters provides liquid flow monitoring and control with no moving parts. All models offer the user the ability to easily set the “zero ” and “span ” of the flow range so that the 4 …20mA analog output corresponds to their... [See More]

  • Features: Programmable; Sanitary Applications Rated; Suspended Solids / Slurries
  • Display: Digital
  • Electrical Output: Current; Switch
  • Meter Type: Velocity Flow Meter