Suspended Solids / Slurries Flow Transmitters Datasheets

Flow Transmitter -- F 420 + RCF420
from Sitron

Sitron ’s Thermal Dispersion Flow Transmitters provides liquid flow monitoring and control with no moving parts. All models offer the user the ability to easily set the “zero ” and “span ” of the flow range so that the 4 …20mA analog output corresponds to their... [See More]

  • Features: Multi-insertion; Controller; Programmable; Sanitary Applications Rated; Suspended Solids / Slurries
  • Display: Digital
  • Electrical Output: Current; Switch
  • Meter Type: Velocity Flow Meter
Vortex Flow Transmitter -- 210 Series
from Clark Solutions

In comparison to the OEM Flow Sensor Series 200, the Series 210 Vortex Flow Transmitter is available with an increased range of power supply and output signals, all with and without temperature measurement. With no moving parts, the Series 210 Flow Sensor is not sensitive to debris, has marginal... [See More]

  • Features: Suspended Solids / Slurries
  • Meter Type: Volumetric Flow Meter
  • Electrical Output: Current; Voltage
  • Meter Technology: Velocity; Vortex (Shedding) Meter
ELITE® Coriolis Flow and Density Meter -- CMF010
from Emerson Process Management, Micro Motion

Micro Motion ELITE Coriolis meters are the leading precision flow and density measurement solution offering the most accurate and repeatable mass measurement for liquids, gases, or slurries.  ELITE meters offer the most accurate measurement available for virtually any process fluid, while exhibiting... [See More]

  • Features: Programmable (optional feature); Suspended Solids / Slurries
  • Interface Options: Serial/Digital
  • Electrical Output: Current (optional feature); Frequency (optional feature)
  • Display: Analog (optional feature)
Armor-Flo™ 3600 Series Flowmeter with Signal Output
from ERDCO Engineering Corporation

Here is a combination of signal transmission with independent mechanical local flow rate indication. Should your 24vdc loop go down, you will still be able to take flow rate readings at the meter. [See More]

  • Features: Suspended Solids / Slurries
  • Display: Analog
  • Electrical Output: Current; Frequency
  • Front Panel Interface: Knobs/Switches (optional feature)
Digital Correlation Transit Time Flowmeter -- DCT6088
from Thermo Scientific Environmental and Process Monitoring

The Thermo Scientific DCT6088 is an advanced transit time ultrasonic flowmeter which utilizes a unique digital correlation technique to measure the flow of clean liquids. The non-intrusive design can be applied to pipes of all sizes which helps reduce installation cost and service downtime. This... [See More]

  • Features: Suspended Solids / Slurries
  • Interface Options: Serial/Digital
  • Electrical Output: Current
  • Front Panel Interface: Digital Front Panel
AXR Magnetic Two wire flow meter -- AXR Two Wire
from Yokogawa Corporation of America

The ADMAG AXR is the world's first two-wire magnetic flowmeter which employs the fluid noise free "Dual Frequency Excitation Method," achieving excellent stability for instrumentation. Like the AXF four-wire magnetic flowmeter series, the ADMAG AXR has user-friendly functions such as a full... [See More]

  • Features: Built-in Alarm Indicator; Recorder / Totalizer Functions; Sanitary Applications Rated (optional feature); Suspended Solids / Slurries
  • Interface Options: Serial/Digital; Network/Fieldbus
  • Electrical Output: Current; Frequency; Switch
  • Display: Digital