Tilting / Dumping Cart Material Handling Carts and Trucks Datasheets

Heavy-Duty Akro-Tilt Trucks -- 77505
from Akro-Mils, Inc.

These lightweight tipping trucks make it easy for one person to handle bulk, heavyweight (up to 2,000 lbs.) jobs. The new forklift channels allow loaded Akro-Tilt Trucks to be lifted, moved and maneuvered even more easily — saving users time, money and effort. These trucks are fully compatible... [See More]

  • Cart / Truck Type: Tilting / Dumping
  • Length: 54
  • Capacity: 1000
  • Width: 27
Dumping Tilt Truck -- 048 Series
from Cecor, Urso & Urso, Inc.

Compact industrial tilt truck for small, but heavy loads. Dumps forward in two stages for controlled emptying. Empties completely. No need to get hands dirty. Low lip makes loading easier. Heavy-duty steel construction with fully welded seams that don ’t leak, melt, split, bulge or burn. [See More]

  • Cart / Truck Type: Tilting / Dumping; Waste
  • Length: 37
  • Capacity: 850
  • Width: 24
Drum Cradles to move and position drum -- Morse
from Benko Products, Inc.

Designed for a standard 55-gallon (208 liter) drum. Four MORTUF polyolefin wheels, 3 ” (7.6 cm) diameter. Rugged angle iron construction. Use with Model 31 Tipping Lever (sold separately) to assist loading. Capacity: 700 Lb. (318 kg) [See More]

  • Cart / Truck Type: Tilting / Dumping; 55 Gallon Drum Cart
  • Material: Angle Iron
  • Capacity: 700
  • Tires: Solid
Fork-Liftable Self Dumping Hopper -- HSCT100FLH
from Hazmat Storage

Tilts 30 degrees below horizontal [See More]

  • Cart / Truck Type: Round; Tilting / Dumping
  • Length: 29
  • Capacity: 1000
  • Width: 75
Heavy Duty Chip Cart -- HW-134
from PRAB, Inc.

Designed to be used in machining operations to collect either wet or dry metalworking scrap before processing by Prab Metal Chip Processing Systems. These durable carts can be used individually or linked together in railroad car fashion to move scrap (manually or powered) from the machining lines to... [See More]

  • Cart / Truck Type: Tilting / Dumping
  • Length: 42
  • Capacity: 1500
  • Width: 27
De-Watering Hopper -- Model 405
from Roura Material Handling, Inc.

CONSTRUCTION: 1/4" Plate hot rolled steel body, reinforced with 2" x 2" x 3/16" angle iron for additional strength. All have 2-1/2" x 29-1/2" fork opening. Standard finish is safety green enamel paint. Computer designed 1/2" dia. Holes on 11/16" staggered centers net 48% open areas where perforated. [See More]

  • Cart / Truck Type: Tilting / Dumping; Waste
  • Length: 64
  • Capacity: 6000
  • Width: 58
Series TT Tilt Truck (Heavy-Duty) -- R05GRTTG
from T&C Industries, Inc.

12" hard wheels, available exclusively in gray [See More]

  • Cart / Truck Type: Tilting / Dumping
  • Length: 54
  • Capacity: 750
  • Width: 27
6370 [Gray Lid for 1/2 Cubic Yard Tilt Truck from Rubbermaid Commercial Products LLC]
from U.S. Plastic Corporation

Industrial strength construction transports heavy loads with ease. Fully compatible with forklifts. Easy to handle and maneuver through commercial doorways and onto elevators. Constant force design allows for controlled dumping by one person. Inset wheels protect walls, fixtures and patrons. Smooth... [See More]

  • Cart / Truck Type: Tilting / Dumping
  • Tires: Semi-Pneumatic
  • Material: Plastic