Gray Linear Encoders Datasheets

Lika Linear Encoder - Guided Absolute Magnetic Sensor -- MTAG
from Hymark/Kentucky Gauge

Absolute ruler. Uneffected by dust, debris or liquids [See More]

  • Absolute Encoder Code: Gray
  • Resolution: 0.0050 to 0.1000
  • Measurement Range: 6.3 to 22.44
  • Linear Encoder Speed: 500 to 1000
DRAW-WIRE Minature Absolute Draw Wire Encoder -- SFA
from Lika Electronic

Absolute draw-wire encoder. Robust and compact design. Resolution from 0.1 to 0.012 mm. Measuring range 1000 and 2000 mm [See More]

  • Absolute Encoder Code: Gray; Binary
  • Resolution: 0.0120 to 0.1000
  • Measurement Range: 78.74
  • Linear Encoder Speed: 1000
MLA-30 Series Absolute Wire Encoder -- MLA-30
from B&Plus USA, Inc.

MLA Series. Absolute Linear Scale Encoder [See More]

  • Absolute Encoder Code: Gray (optional feature); Binary (optional feature); BCD (optional feature)
  • Resolution: 0.0880 to 0.0900
  • Measurement Range: 3.54
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 122
Micropulse Explosion Proof -- SSI Output
from Balluff, Inc.

Balluff's TA12 explosion-proof transducer is specifically designed to meet stringent oil and gas industry requirements for high reliability and fast and easy field maintenance. It is optimized for accurate and continuous feedback on hydraulically and pneumatically actuated valves for refining,... [See More]

  • Absolute Encoder Code: Gray; Binary
  • Resolution: 0.0050 to 0.0400
  • Measurement Range: 0.9843 to 156
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 176
POSITAL LINARIX Parallel Absolute Linear Encoder -- Parallel

POSITAL LINARIX draw wire sensors (also known as string encoders or wire actuated encoders) are commonly used in applications that require linear motion to be monitored for system control or to ensure safety. Compared to conventional linear potentiometers or string pots, LINARIX sensors are more... [See More]

  • Absolute Encoder Code: Gray (optional feature); Binary (optional feature); Other Absolute Output
  • Accuracy: 0.0180 to 100
  • Measurement Range: 1 to 160
  • Linearity: 0.0012 to 1