Flanged Sight Flow Indicators Datasheets

BULL'S EYE™ Sight Flow Indicator -- 10E14***D
from ABB Measurement & Analytics

Used in many industries to monitor and indicate flow through filter, cooling and intake/outlet pumping lines. Also widely used for troubleshooting. or as back-up for meters, switches, process indicators and other control devices. • Dual glass for see-through visibility. • High pressure and... [See More]

  • Connection Type: Flanged
  • Flange Size: 0.7500 to ?
  • Flow Indicator Style:: Flapper
  • Pressure Range: 285
Flow Indicators
from Armstrong International

Flow indicators for refrigeration service provide a quick, reliable and economical way to verify the flow of refrigerant in refrigeration systems. Features: Refrigerants: Suitable for all common refrigerants including R-717 (Ammonia), R-134a, R-22 and other approved refrigerants. It is also used in... [See More]

  • Connection Type: Flanged; Butt Weld
  • Flange Size: 1 to 2
  • Flow Indicator Style:: Plain
  • Thread Size: 1 to 2
Sight Flow Indicators

Kadant sight flow indicators are engineered to provide visual observation of liquid and gas flows. These pipeline indicators are available with ductile iron or bronze bodies. All glass windows are made of Pyrex ® or equal. Indicators can be furnished with special transparent-type Mica liners to... [See More]

  • Connection Type: Threaded (optional feature); Flanged (optional feature)
  • Flange Size: 0.3750 to 4
  • Flow Indicator Style:: Plain (optional feature); Full View (optional feature)
  • Thread Size: 0.3750 to 4
Series GYW Wafer Style Double Wall Sight Flow Indicator -- GYW150V-CP
from Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc.

Advantages of Series GYW Sight Glasses: Double-wall construction featuring Pyrex ® inner wall. Large 360 ° viewing area. Full flow design (no corners to collect debris). Wide choice of select plastic materials to assure maximum chemical compatibility. Little or no maintenance required. No... [See More]

  • Connection Type: Flanged
  • Flange Size: 1.5
  • Flow Indicator Style:: Full View
  • Length (Face to Face): 4.5
Cylindrical Sheathed Indicator -- Style 860-F
from Clark-Reliance Corporation (The)

Jacoby-Tarbox full view low pressure sight flow indicators are ideal for light duty service, where pressures are less than 150 psig and where mechanical stress from pipelines are not present. These sight flow indicators are manufactured using tubular glass to allow for viewing a complete 360 º... [See More]

  • Connection Type: Flanged
  • Flange Size: 0.7500
  • Flow Indicator Style:: Plain; Armored
  • Length (Face to Face): 6.38
See-Flo® 3100 Series Flow Indicators
from ERDCO Engineering Corporation

See-Flo ® Flow Indicators show you at a glance, the color, clarity and flow of liquids in process lines. An alloy vane indicator is flexed in proportion to flow through the variable area indicator housing. The large tempered glass window permits easy observation of fluid conditions and vane... [See More]

  • Connection Type: Threaded; Flanged (optional feature)
  • Thread Size: 0.5000 to 12
  • Flow Indicator Style:: Flapper
  • Length (Face to Face): 5.17 to 12
Drip Tube Sight Flow Indicator -- EFI 1423-F
from Ernst Flow Industries

Idea for gravity and extremely low or intermittent flow [See More]

  • Connection Type: Flanged
  • Flange Size: 9
  • Flow Indicator Style:: Drip Tube
  • Length (Face to Face): 5 to 9
Single-Tube Armored Flow Indicator -- Model FS
from JOGLER, Inc.

Approved by the Factory Mutual System. Available in any length up to 72 inches. Stock lengths are 8 and 12 inches. Unobstructed visibility. Patented one-piece SuperSeal Inserts are self-sealing. Wetted parts are PTFE Teflon ® and borosilicate glass. Available with sanitary fittings. Threaded end... [See More]

  • Connection Type: Threaded (optional feature); Flanged
  • Flange Size: 1 to 8
  • Flow Indicator Style:: Armored
  • Length (Face to Face): 8 to 12
050 - 3/4
from John C. Ernst & Co., Inc.

Radial sealing, bolt-on body design, 150 ANSI rated, Neoprene seal [See More]

  • Connection Type: Flanged
  • Flange Size: 3.25
  • Flow Indicator Style:: Plain
  • Length (Face to Face): 4.62
VISI-FLO® Sight Flow Indicator -- VISI-FLO® 1400 Flanged Series
from OPW Engineered Systems

OPW has been manufacturing sight flow indicators for over 60 years. Our experience has led to many innovations in design and manufacturing, making VISI-FLO ® the most thoroughly-engineered Sight Flow Indicator on the market. VISI-FLO ’s are available in two series: the Standard 1400... [See More]

  • Connection Type: Flanged
  • Flange Size: 0.7500 to 12
  • Flow Indicator Style:: Flapper (optional feature); Rotor (optional feature); Drip Tube (optional feature)
  • Pressure Range: 135 to 200
Magnetic Sight Flow Indicator -- C-FLO360
from Process Level Technology, Ltd.

C-FLO 360. Magnetic Site Flow. Principle of Operation. The C-FLO 360 is constructed of non-magnetic material, available with flanged, threaded or buttweld process connections. A turbine with magnetic assembly is located inside the flow chamber. The 360-degree rotating indicator contains its own... [See More]

  • Connection Type: Threaded (optional feature); Flanged (optional feature); Butt Weld (optional feature)
  • Flange Size: 0.7500 to 8
  • Flow Indicator Style:: Full View
  • Thread Size: 0.7500 to 12
from RCM Industries, Inc. - Flo-Gage

Optional Viton, EPR, Buna-N, and TFE seals [See More]

  • Connection Type: Flanged
  • Flange Size: 1
  • Flow Indicator Style:: Plain
  • Length (Face to Face): 5