MEMS / Sensors Automated Test Equipment Datasheets

Semiconductor Aging Testing Equipment
from CHINO Works America Inc.

The equipment is semiconductor aging testing equipment to full-automatically execute burn-in processing and data measurement/judgment/analytical processing and also has tester function as well as temperature accelerating testing. [See More]

  • Component / Product Tested: MEMS or Electromechanical Devices; Passive Components; Loaded PCBs; Power Supplies or Transformers; Optoelectronics; Semiconductors or Active Components
  • Tester / Test Capability: Life or Endurance Test; Functional
  • Type / Form: Platform or Turnkey System; Output Measurement or Monitoring Unit; Input Stimulus or Signal Source Unit; Fixture / Interface
  • Interface: Floating Probe
Probe System for Life™ -- Semiautomatic Probe System SA-12 - 300 mm
from SemiProbe

The SemiProbe SA-12 is the most modular and flexible 300 mm semiautomatic probe system available today. It is built using our patented Probe System for Life (PS4L) architecture which provides unsurpassed flexibility and significant capital equipment savings. With the PS4L, customers can purchase a... [See More]

  • Component / Product Tested: MEMS or Electromechanical Devices; Optoelectronics; Semiconductors or Active Components; HF/Microwave, Device Characterization, Photovoltaic, Falure Analysis
  • Tester / Test Capability: Parametric
  • Type / Form: Platform or Turnkey System; Component Handler or Wafer Prober
  • Interface: Probe Card or Performance Board
800 kSa/s, 2-Channel Digitizer -- VT1563A
from VTI Instruments Corporation

The VTI Instruments VT1563A and VT1564A digitizers are C-size, single slot, register-based VXI modules. They are ideal for measurements in electronic production test and electromechanical design characterization, particularly in environments with high levels of electrical noise. Engineers and... [See More]

  • Component / Product Tested: MEMS or Electromechanical Devices; Electronic Production
  • Tester / Test Capability: Functional
  • Type / Form: Module, Sub-system or ATE Component; Output Measurement or Monitoring Unit
  • Features: Simple Programming Model

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