Source Module / Unit Automated Test Equipment Datasheets

Semiconductor ThermoChuck® Sytem - 200mm -- TP03000
from Thermonics Corp., an inTEST Company

For the testing, cycling and characterization of wafers and other flat devices at precise temperature. Temperature Range: -65 ° to +200 °C. Chuck Diameters: Available in 6 inch (154 mm) and 8 inch (203 mm) diameters to accommodate wafers up to 200mm in diameter. Chuck Surfaces: Choice of... [See More]

  • Type / Form: Module, Sub-system or ATE Component; Input Stimulus or Signal Source Unit
  • Tester / Test Capability: Thermal Stability, Wafer Testing
  • Component / Product Tested: Semiconductors or Active Components
  • Features: Temperature Control / Oven
Full Automatic Compressor Performance Testing Equipment
from CHINO Works America Inc.

The equipment is a full automatic compressor performance testing equipment for measurement of refrigerating capacity of compressors for vehicle-installed air-conditioners. [See More]

  • Type / Form: Platform or Turnkey System; Output Measurement or Monitoring Unit; Input Stimulus or Signal Source Unit; Fixture / Interface
  • Tester / Test Capability: Functional
  • Component / Product Tested: Compressor
  • Features: Temperature Control / Oven; OCR Measurement
Automated Component Quality Test System -- NDT-AUTO
from Modal Shop, Inc. (The)

Automated Component Quality Test System. NDT-AUTO. Resonant Acoustic Method is designed to help deliver fully inspected parts, economically and on time. Every component has a unique resonant signature or pattern that reflects its composition. NDT-RAM ™ detects deviations from the expected... [See More]

  • Type / Form: Platform or Turnkey System; Input Stimulus or Signal Source Unit; Acoustic Resonance Structure Testing
  • Tester / Test Capability: NDT-RAM™
  • Component / Product Tested: Telematics / Automotive; General Purpose
  • Features: NDT-RAM Structural Acoustic Resonance Testing