Automatic / Inline Thickness Gages Datasheets

3D Log Scanner -- chroma+scan 2430
from LMI Technologies

The chroma+scan 2400 series is ideal for delivering 3D shape of boards and logs, at fast scan rates with a wide dynamic range capable of handling black material (e.g. wet logs) in challenging lighting conditions typical of sawmills. The chroma+scan 2400 series includes three models: the 2440 and... [See More]

optoCONTROL High Speed Laser Micrometer -- ODC 2500-35
from Micro-Epsilon Group

optoCONTROL 2500 is a laser thrubeam micrometer with integrated high resolution CCD camera. The high performance data in combination with the very favorable system price define a new level of performance for laser micrometers. Measuring ranges (mm): 34. Linearity max. 0.01mm. Resolution max. 1... [See More]

2000 Series -- Model 2040
from Beta LaserMike

Offers complete SPC data; simple user interface and a rugged housing design [See More]

Crosscheck™ Laser Profile Sensor -- CC3000-100
from Bytewise Measurement Systems

Use CrossCheck for faster startups and changeovers while reducing product scrap and rework. Easily diagnose root causes of product variation to improve dimensional quality and operator variability, enabling 100% product certification. [See More]

Custom Gages & Gaging Systems
from Edmunds Gages

From modified catalog gage to fully automatic, computerized gaging systems [See More]

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