Coating / Paint EMI and RFI Shielding Datasheets

Low Outgassing, Optically Clear Two Component Epoxy -- EP29LPSP
from Master Bond, Inc.

Master Bond Polymer System EP29LPSP is a two component, high performance, modified low temperature heat cured epoxy system specially formulated for cryogenic applications. Not only is EP29LPSP able to function as an adhesive, sealant and protective coating at temperatures as low as 4K, but it is... [See More]

  • Type / Form: Adhesive; Coating; Encapsulant; Sealant or Gap Filling Compound
  • Features: Anti-static / ESD Control; Dielectric or Electrically Insulating; Electrically Conductive
  • Use Temperature: -452 to 275
Conductive Coating; Nickel Print; EMI/RFI shield; 3/4 oz liquid -- 70125787 [840-20G from MG Chemicals]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

Conformal Protective, 5000 PSI Tensile Strength, 85% (20 in ⁄Min. Instron) Elongation. 465 °C autoignition temperature. Excellent For Repairing And Modifying Printed Circuits. Quick Drying. EMI/RFI Shielding Applications. Durable Acrylic Base Pigments with High Purity Nickel, Silver Coated... [See More]

  • Type / Form: Coating
  • Features: Electrically Conductive
  • Material System: Metal; Other; Nickel
Transparent Conductive Coatings
from Dontech Incorporated

Dontech manufactures a variety of transparent conductive coatings for EMI shielding, optical scanners, and transparent heater applications. Transparent conductive oxides such as indium tin oxide (ITO) and metals such as aluminum, gold or silver are deposited via DC or AC magnetron sputtering or ion... [See More]

  • Type / Form: Coating