Approvals:Other EMI Filters and RFI Filters Datasheets

High Current AC Single Line Feed Thru -- 52-226-016-10
from API Technologies - Electromagnetic Integrated Services

Features. Voltage Rating 250VAC. C Configuration with Class Y2 capacitors. Current rating up to 300 Amps. Excellent filtering in compact package. Bolt-in style with D-shaped bushing for easy installation. Low cost EMI solution. Design flexibility. UL and Semko approvals pending [See More]

  • Filter Type: Single Phase
  • Rated Current: 10
  • Rated Voltage: 250
  • Insertion Loss: 45
Power Line Filter Modules -- 1609989-7-ND [1609989-7 from TE Connectivity]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Filter Type: Three Phase
  • Rated Current: 100
  • Package / Mounting: Chassis Mount
  • Operating Temperature: -10 to 50
1200VDC EMC/EMI Filter -- FN2200-100-35
from Schaffner EMC Inc.

Reduces conducted emissions towards the solar panel. Reduces the probability of EMI radiation off the solar panel. Helps to prevent pre-mature panel aging because of HF leakage currents. Helps to meet international EMC regulations for the entire PV system. Most compact standard solution in the... [See More]

  • Filter Type: DC
  • Rated Voltage: 1200
  • Package / Mounting: Flange
  • Rated Current: 100
from Central Technologies

SMD ferrite chip beads, tape & reel packaging [See More]

  • Filter Type: DC
  • Rated Current: 5
  • Package / Mounting: Module; Tape and Reel
  • Product Standards: ISO 9001:2000 Certified
EMI/RFI Filter -- Model 33D100
from CIRCOR Motors

Single channel filter, reduces electronic DC motor noise [See More]

  • Filter Type: DC
  • Product Standards: RTCA/D) -160C, MIL-STD-461
  • Package / Mounting: Stand Alone
DC Powerline Filter -- FD1
from Curtis Industries, Inc. - A Division of Power Holdings

Various termination options [See More]

  • Filter Type: DC
  • Rated Voltage: 80
  • Package / Mounting: Module
  • Rated Current: 50
from NexTek, Inc.

High current - 50 Amps. High capacitance - up to 4.7 µF. High frequency filtering - 1 kHz to over 1 GHz. High insertion loss - over 60 dB. Rugged compact design. Reliable and minimal space requirements. Bolt-on/bulkhead mount. Easier installation to wire/bus and enclosure. RF Current - over 10... [See More]

  • Filter Type: DC
  • Rated Current: 50 to ?
  • Rated Voltage: 50 to 500
  • Insertion Loss: 60
SUP-EH Series Noise Filter -- SUP-E10H
from Okaya Electric America, Inc.

High performance magnetics for pulse absorption [See More]

  • Filter Type: Single Phase
  • Rated Voltage: 250
  • Package / Mounting: Module
  • Rated Current: 10
Active Input EMI Filter -- QPI-10LZ
from Picor Corporation

Description. The QPI-10 includes the total Hot-Swap function with an EMI filter for V •I Chip applications. The product aligns with the AdvancedTCA ™ PICMG3.0 ® requirements for hot insertion and board level conducted noise limitations. The EMI filter provides conducted common-mode... [See More]

  • Filter Type: DC
  • Rated Current: 6
  • Rated Voltage: 36 to 76
  • Insertion Loss: 40 to 60
2-Stage Filter -- FMBC NEO
from Schurter, Inc.

Description. - Terminals for three phases and ground. - High symmetrical and asymmetrical attenuation. - In the frequency range from 10kHz up to 300MHz. Standards. - IEC 60939. - UL 1283, Edition 5, CSA 22.2 No. 8-M1986, @ Ta 75 °C. Approvals. - VDE Certificate Number: 40029853. - UL File... [See More]

  • Filter Type: Three Phase
  • Rated Voltage: 480 to 520
  • Package / Mounting: Module; Screw-on
  • Rated Current: 7 to 180
KRF Series -- KRF0008ATB
from TCI, LLC (Trans-Coil International)

The KRF EMI Filter uses a combination of high frequency inductors and capacitors to reduce noise in the critical 150 kHz to 30 MHz frequency range. The inductors act as open circuits and the capacitors act as short circuits at high frequencies while allowing the lower power line frequencies to pass... [See More]

  • Filter Type: Three Phase
  • Rated Voltage: 480
  • Package / Mounting: Module
  • Rated Current: 8
EMI Input Filter -- QPI-3LZ
from Vicor Corporation

Greater than 99% efficiency at full load, low profile LGA package [See More]

  • Filter Type: DC
  • Rated Current: 7
  • Rated Voltage: 40
  • Insertion Loss: 80