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Aquasink® Heatsinks
from Mersen

Aquasink ® was developed to provide the design engineer with a rugged, high performance, liquid cooled mounting platform for high power, isolated base semiconductors and other heat sensitive components. Aquasink ® is based on a broad mechanical envelope allowing for complete flexibility of... [See More]

  • Device: Cold Plate
  • Material: Aluminum; Copper
  • Heat sink Fin Style:: Cooling Tubes
from Advanced Digital Logic, Inc.

The two piece Heat Sink Solution was developed to offer a low cost high performance solution to customers that have the physical envelope for this implementation. [See More]

  • Device: Passive Heat Sink
  • Mounting: Chassis-Mounted
  • Heat sink Fin Style:: Heat Spreader
Smart-CLIP™ Heatsink 21 mm Clip -- CGTT21-1FIN
from Cooliance

Radial fin style provides unique cooling solutions, RoHS compliant [See More]

  • Device: Passive Heat Sink
  • H: 6.48
  • L: 35
  • Heat sink Fin Style:: Radial Fin
Forged Fin -- HS1150

7x7 offset fin pattern, increased heat transfer, black anodized [See More]

  • Device: Passive Heat Sink
  • W: 57.91
  • L: 61
  • H: 19.05
from RO Associates, Inc.

Heatsinks designed for modules, thermal pad preinstalled [See More]

  • Device: Passive Heat Sink; Active Heat Sink (optional feature)
  • W: 57.91
  • L: 61
  • H: 6.1
from Tucker Engineering, Inc.

Standard Heatsink and Cold Plate Products [See More]

  • Device: Cold Plate
  • W: 56.64
  • L: 117
  • H: 12.7