Leads Audio Transducers and Buzzers Datasheets

Alarms, Buzzers, and Sirens -- 102-1120-ND [CEP-2260A from CUI Inc.]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Terminations: Leads
  • Shape: Round
  • RoHS Compliant: Yes
  • Mounting: Chassis Mount
Weatherproof Buzzer for Outdoor Applications -- JA222WD
from Schaltbau GmbH

The electronic buzzer is a warning device designed for use in rail vehicles. The rugged device has a dynamic speaker. There are four settings for volume and three settings for sound frequency. Features. Signalling for intermittent automatic train-running control and dead-man equipment. Wide range of... [See More]

  • Terminations: Leads
  • Mounting: ScrewDown
  • Shape: Square / Rectangular
  • Tone: Noncontinuous
from Challenge Electronics

The CE-CX516Z24W152 Piezoelectric Thru Hole Buzzer from Challenge Electronics delivers 97dB SPL at 3100Hz, 12V, 12mA. (Nominal). Top Sound Port. [See More]

  • Terminations: Leads
  • RoHS Compliant: Yes
  • Technology: Piezoelectric
  • Diameter / Length: 24
Piezoelectric Buzzers -- PKB24SWH3301
from Murata Americas

Using Murata's unique ceramic material, Murata offers a variety of piezoelectric sound components. [See More]

  • Terminations: Leads
  • Frequency: 3300
  • Technology: Piezoelectric
  • Sound Pressure Level: 80
Buzzer/Receiver -- BRR-10R3.6-24-0.03L
from MynTahl Corporation

Buzzer/receiver 2 in 1 [See More]

  • Terminations: Leads
  • Type: Receiver
  • Technology: Electromagnetic
  • RoHS Compliant: Yes (optional feature)
External Drive non-SMT Transducer -- HGP-05AM
from Star Micronics America

The HGP series delivers a high quality sound output in a very compact footprint featuring a top sound port and compact through-hole design. Incorporating a patented design and developed through Star Micronics ’ unique manufacturing processes, the HGP series is extremely well-suited for design... [See More]

  • Terminations: Leads
  • Shape: Round
  • Type: Transmitter
  • Mounting: Surface