Piezoelectric Audio Transducers and Buzzers Datasheets

Audible Alarm Annuciators (buzzer) -- 70 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

OMEGA ® Model 70A Temperature Alarms are the latest development in solid state sound production. When power is applied, a piezoelectric transducer operates as a solid state oscillator resulting in a loud, audible alarm tone. OMEGA ® Temperature Alarms are designed to give years of... [See More]

  • Technology: Piezoelectric
  • Shape: Round
  • Type: Receiver
  • Terminations: Screw Terminals
Panel Mount Electronic Buzzer -- P 22 DBZ
from Pfannenberg Inc.

Panel Mount Buzzer, 80 dB(A) with pulsating tone [See More]

  • Technology: Piezoelectric
  • Terminations: Quick Connects; Solder Tabs
  • Shape: Round
  • Mounting: Panel
Acoustic Buzzer & Ringer
from Americor Electronics, Ltd.

Americor Electronics, Ltd. designs and manufactures Piezoelectric buzzers and ringers for a variety of applications - see list below. Our buzzers include Piezoelectric and SMD types and can be self drive, external drive or have the drive circuit built in. We have many stock options available but... [See More]

  • Technology: Piezoelectric
from Challenge Electronics

The 32S4120LFPN Piezoelectric Thru Hole Buzzer from Challenge Electronics delivers 80dB SPL at 4000Hz, 12V, 7mA. (Nominal). Top Sound Port. Removable Washing Label [See More]

  • Technology: Piezoelectric
  • Terminations: PCPins
  • RoHS Compliant: Yes
  • Diameter / Length: 13.8
from Mallory Sonalert Products, Inc.

Board Mounting-Transducers (no Circuitry) [See More]

  • Technology: Piezoelectric
  • Mounting: Surface
  • RoHS Compliant: Yes
  • Diameter / Length: 17
Piezoelectric Buzzers -- PKB24SPCH3601-B0
from Murata Americas

Using Murata's unique ceramic material, Murata offers a variety of piezoelectric sound components. [See More]

  • Technology: Piezoelectric
  • Frequency: 3600
  • Terminations: PCPins
  • Sound Pressure Level: 90
Piezo Sounder -- EFM-210
from MynTahl Corporation

Compact and light, wide voltage range [See More]

  • Technology: Piezoelectric
  • RoHS Compliant: Yes (optional feature)
  • Type: Transmitter
  • Shape: Round
22mm-LW Series -- 16C0012 [LW1Z-1X4 from IDEC Corporation]
from Newark / element14

22mm-LW Series; Tones:Continuous; Transducer Function:Buzzer; Operating Current Max:20mA; Sound Level SPL:80dB; Resonant Frequency:2kHz; External Diameter:25.9mm; Accessory Type:Buzzer; External Depth:45mm [See More]

  • Technology: Piezoelectric
  • Diameter / Length: 25.9
  • RoHS Compliant: Yes
  • Frequency: 2000