O-Ring Asst,SFS,Urethane,35 Pc,7Sz -- 5JJT6 [5JJT6 from RT/Dygert International]
from Grainger Industrial Supply

O-Ring Assortment, Split Flange Seal (SFS), Urethane, Number of Pieces 35, Number of Sizes 7, Durometer 95-57, Temp Range -65 to +200F, Includes SFS Each SFS 8 (1/2 In Flange Size), SFS 12 (3/4 In Flange Size), SFS 16 (1 In Flange Size), SFS 20 (1 1/4 In Flange Size), SFS 24 (1 1/2 In Flange Size),... [See More]

  • O-ring Hardness (Durometer): >90 durometer (95)
  • O-ring Material: Other (Urethane)
from Acushnet (Precix, inc.) Rubber Company

Urethane o-ring material [See More]

  • O-ring Hardness (Durometer): >90 durometer (92)
  • O-ring Material: Polyurethane (Millable)
  • O-ring Size: Available in all 'AS568A-' standard sizes (001-475)
  • O-ring Features: MILSPEC
MicrOring™ -- Fluorocarbon
from Apple Rubber Products, Inc.

Excellent resistance to petroleum products and solvents [See More]

  • O-ring Hardness (Durometer): 50 durometer; 55 durometer; 60 durometer; 65 durometer; 70 durometer; 75 durometer; 80 durometer; 85 durometer; 90 durometer; >90 durometer (95)
  • Custom Width (W) or 'Thickness': 0.0080 to 0.0390
  • O-ring Size: Custom
  • Custom Inside Diameter (ID): 0.0080 to 1
Engineered O-Rings
from Parker Hannifin / Seal Group

Molded in a wide range of compounds [See More]

  • O-ring Hardness (Durometer): 30 durometer (optional feature); 35 durometer (optional feature); 40 durometer (optional feature); 45 durometer (optional feature); 50 durometer (optional feature); 55 durometer (optional feature); 60 durometer (optional feature); 65 durometer (optional feature); 70 durometer (optional feature); 75 durometer (optional feature); 80 durometer (optional feature); 85 durometer (optional feature); 90 durometer (optional feature); >90 durometer (optional feature) (95)
  • O-ring Material: Butyl (optional feature); Ethylene Propylene (EPDM) (optional feature); Flurosilicone (optional feature); Fluorocarbon / Fluorosilicone Blend (optional feature); Neoprene (optional feature); Nitrile (Buna-N) (optional feature); Polyacrylate (optional feature); Silicone (optional feature); Teflon® (optional feature); Other (optional feature) (NBR, AEM, HNBR)
  • O-ring Size: Available in all 'AS568A-' standard sizes (001-475) (optional feature); Available in all 'AS568A-' boss gasket sizes (901- and up) (optional feature); Available in JIS standard sizes (e.g. G, P, S and V ) (optional feature); Custom (optional feature)
  • O-ring Features: FDA Approved or 3A Sanitary Classification (optional feature); MILSPEC (optional feature)
PTFE O-Ring, 55D Durometer, White
from Small Parts, Inc.

This PTFE O-ring is white in color, has a durometer of 55D, a round cross-section, and is designed for use in a wide variety of sealing applications. PTFE has excellent heat, fuel, and chemical resistance and is acceptable for temperature applications between -328 degrees F (-200 degrees C) to 500... [See More]

  • O-ring Hardness (Durometer): >90 durometer (55D Shore Durometer)
  • O-ring Material: Other (PTFE)
Polyurethane O-Ring -- Zurcon® Z20
from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Good cold flexibility, high tensile and tear strength, low compression set [See More]

  • O-ring Hardness (Durometer): >90 durometer (93 Shore A)
  • O-ring Material: Other (Zurcon®)