Custom Designed Burners
from Solaronics, Inc.

Custom designed gas infrared burners for commercial cooking, boiler, humidifier & dishwasher applications. Burner surface styles include ceramic tile, wire mesh and woven ceramic fiber in various shapes, sizes and capacities. [See More]

  • Burner Type: Radiant / Infrared
  • Combustion Fuel: Natural Gas
  • Application: Curing, Drying, Pre-Heating, Dehydrating, Cooking, Evaporating, Immersion Heating, Chemical Processes
  • Firing: Direct
Process Burner -- B101
from Detroit Radiant Products Company

Small bottom sear burner with option for re-radiating rods [See More]

  • Burner Type: Radiant / Infrared
  • Combustion Fuel: Natural Gas (optional feature); Propane (optional feature)
  • Application: Commonly Used in Gas Barbecues And Ranges
  • Material of Construction: Aluminized Steel
Atmospheric Infrared Burner -- AB-7
from Red-Ray Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Performance Features. This burner has lower radiant velocity than a typical pre-mix gas-fired infrared burner. As an atmospheric burner, the heat output of the AB-7 is 700 btu/hr/linear inch or 190 btu/hr/square inch at the inspirator inlet gas pressure. fuel source can be either propane or natural... [See More]

  • Burner Type: Atmospheric Venturi; Radiant / Infrared
  • Combustion Fuel: Natural Gas; Propane
  • Application: Highway Line Painting, Food Industry, Grills
  • Material of Construction: Cast Iron, Stainless Steel