Output Interface:Other Digital Voltmeters Datasheets

1-phase Multifunction Power Meter -- PME-1210
from Advantech Co., Ltd.

Small size with 100mm depth. Panel cut 92 x 46 mm. Multi-function power measurement. Modbus RTU protocol over RS-485 [See More]

  • Output Interface: RS-485
  • Measurement Type: AC
  • Form Factor: Rack mount
  • Phase: Single Phase
AEMC 100,000-Count DMM -- MTX Series
from Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd.

Features. Large graphic LCD display, bilingual menus (English/French). LED backlighting for easier reading and lower power consumption. Four line 100,000-count digital display, bargraph and graphic. Shows four variables simultaneously. Basic accuracy 0.02%, specified bandwidth 100kHz. 8-key... [See More]

  • Output Interface: Universal Serial Bus; Bluetooth Wireless Link
  • Measurement Type: AC / DC
  • Form Factor: Bench top
  • DC Voltage: 0.1000 to 1000
Crompton Integra Ri3 DIN Mount Digital Metering System -- Ri3-01
from Weschler Instruments

The Integra Ri3 digital metering system (dms) represents the first model of a new generation of instruments designed to complement the current Crompton Instruments Integra series. The Integra Ri3 dms is an accurate and cost effective solution for measurement and display of all major electrical and... [See More]

  • Output Interface: RS-485 Mobus Output Module
  • AC Voltage: 100 to 289
  • Measurement Type: AC
  • Operating Temp: -11 to 55
RF Power Meters -- 4530 Peak Power Meter
from Boonton Electronics Corporation

The 4530 series RF Peak Power Meter can make Peak, CW Power and RF Voltage measurements at high speed from 10 Hz to 40 GHz. Features: Frequency Range: 10 Hz to 40 GHz. Dynamic Range: Peak Power >60 dB CW Power -90 dB. Synchronous/Asynchronous Triggering. Dual-channel statistical measurements... [See More]

  • Output Interface: GPIB; RS232; Video
  • Display Digits: 7 or more digits
  • Form Factor: Bench top
  • Bandwidth: 5.00E7 to 4.00E10
Protection & Control -- EPM 2000 Digital Power Meter
from GE Digital Energy

The EPM 2000 meter measures more than 40 electrical power parameters providing a low-cost, multifunction monitoring solution for industrial and power generation applications. EPM 2000 can easily be mounted in a panel for generator monitoring, substation automation and more. Meter can also provide... [See More]

  • Output Interface: RS-485
  • Measurement Type: AC
  • Form Factor: Bench top
  • Phase: Single Phase
Digital Power Meter With RS-485 -- EPR-04s
from Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc.

Non-flammable enclosure. Double Insulation. Measurement Category. Flush mount with rear terminals. Ip40 (front panel) IP00 terminals [See More]

  • Output Interface: RS485
  • Measurement Type: AC
  • Form Factor: DIN Rail
  • Display Digits: 7 or more digits
CL150 Clamp-On Tester
from Yokogawa Corporation of America

Mean value display. DC output function. Data hold function. Sleep function. Approved for comformity to safety standards EN61010-1,EN61010-2-031(CAT. III 600 V, CAT. II 1000 V) [See More]

  • Output Interface: DC Output
  • Measurement Type: AC / DC
  • Form Factor: Clamp Meter; Handheld
  • Display Digits: 4 Digits