Controlled Bath Water Baths Datasheets

Water Bath -- TC-150AP
from Brookfield AMETEK

The compact TC-150 is a circulating heating bath for use with water-jacketed Brookfield accessories. Also accommodates 600 mL beaker. Why control temperature for viscosity measurement? Detecting changes in your sample's properties is valuable information for predicting your product's performance. [See More]

  • Configuration: Controlled Bath
  • Termperature Range: -20 to 150
  • Temperature Control: Heating; Cooling
  • Temperautre Stability: 0.0100
Constant Temperature Bath -- CT-1000
from CANNON Instrument Company

CT-1000 series constant temperature bath accommodates viscometer tubes requiring a bath depth up to 12" and provides reliable temperature control from 20 °C to 150 °C. The unit accommodates up to 7 simultaneous viscosity determinations. Common Applications. Formulated oil analysis. Hydraulic... [See More]

  • Configuration: Controlled Bath
  • Termperature Range: 20 to 100
  • Temperature Control: Heating; Cooling
  • Temperature Accuracy: 0.0100
Used Water Baths
from Federal Equipment Company

Do you need to equip your lab with the right instruments and equipment to get your job done? Federal Equipment Company can help. They offer the finest used lab equipment that is not only economical, but also high-quality. Their selection includes: •Centrifuges. •Fiability Testers. [See More]

  • Configuration: Bath; Controlled Bath
Heated Bath Circulator -- SAHARA Acrylic S12T
from Thermo Fisher Scientific - Thermo Scientific Baths, Circulators & Chillers

The Thermo Scientific heating bath circulators are ergoniomically designed with the user in mind and are UL/CSA/CE compliant for safe operation. Available in capacities from 5 L to 46 L. The thermostats are attached by a sturdy bath bridge and can be indexed 90 ° on all four sides of the... [See More]

  • Configuration: Controlled Bath
  • Termperature Range: 13 to 60
  • Temperature Control: Heating
  • Volume: 4 to 19
101101010000004 - Thermo Scientific NESLAB ThermoFlex 900 Chiller, P1; 115V -- GO-13042-00
from Cole-Parmer

bull; Up to 10% greater cooling capacity than comparable models. • High reliability. • Easy to operate and install. These reliable, easy-to-use chillers are optimized for the most demanding applications. They feature a robust refrigeration system designed for continuous use in a variety... [See More]

  • Configuration: Bath; Controlled Bath
  • Frequency Range: 60
  • Temperature Control: Cooling
  • Volume: 7.2
Fluidized Calibration Bath -- Model 875 Ayres
from Isotech North America

Wide temperature range, high accuracy, no powder loss into laboratory [See More]

  • Configuration: Controlled Bath
  • Termperature Range: 50 to 700
  • Temperature Control: Heating
  • Temperautre Stability: 0.0090
Aldrich Oil Bath -- Z513164
from Sigma-Aldrich

Heavy-gauge stainless steel bath, suitable for magnetic stirring [See More]

  • Configuration: Controlled Bath
  • Termperature Range: ? to 250
  • Temperature Control: Heating
  • Depth: 3.58