Goods:Other Form, Fill, and Seal Machines Datasheets

Vertical Form Fill Seal and Bundling System -- Lince 4
from Precision Automation Co., Inc.

A small bag Vertical Form Fill Seal machine designed to offer the best in technology, fast setup, and easy maintenance. Accommodating bag widths from 2.5" to 8.6" and lengths from 2" to 13.8", bagging speed can max out at 75 bags per minute. [See More]

  • Packaging: Bag
  • Rate: 75
  • Goods: Rice, Sugar, Grains, Cement, Coffee, Beans, Cereal, Ice, Frozen Vegetables, Pet Foods, Pasta, Nuts, Candy, and more
AirPouch™ Express 3 Void-Fill
from Automated Packaging Systems

The AirPouch Express 3 Tabletop Void-fill System provides on-demand,easy-to-use air pillows for high packing productivity, reduced shipping costs, and increased customer satisfaction. Operating at speeds over 50 feet per minute in semi-or fully-automatic modes, the AirPouch Express 3 creates... [See More]

  • Packaging: Bag
  • Goods: Consumer; Air Pillows/Packing
  • Closing Method: HeatSeal; Perforated
  • Industry: Auto; Electronics; Medical; Pharm; Material Handling/Mail Order
Loose Fill Hopper
from Polar Tech Industries, Inc.

Squeeze the spring-loaded scissors to release the right amount of loose fill. Includes rope and 2 pulleys, mounts to warehouse ceiling. Durable, rot resistant canvas bag has reinforced flexible tubing attached. Dispenses all types of loose fill packing peanuts [See More]

  • Packaging: Bag
  • Type: Manual
  • Goods: Consumer; BulkOEM; Loose Fill Packing Peanuts