Superheater Boilers (industrial) Datasheets

ES Series Large Electric Steam Superheaters
from ACME Engineering Products, Inc.

ACME Electric Steam Superheaters are available for use with steam boilers as an auxiliary piece of equipment. Our superheaters are all custom made and built to meet the specific design requirements of each application. A superheater increases the temperature of the steam but does not increase the... [See More]

  • Features: ASME; Monitor / Controller; Safety Valve; Skidded / Packaged; Superheater
  • Maximum Pressure: 800
  • Maximum Temperature: 1200
  • Steam Generation: 25000
Industrial Watertube Boiler -- D-Style
from Cleaver-Brooks

The D-style is a 100% membrane water-cooled furnace, reducing costly, time-consuming, annual maintenance. The front and rear walls are welded and refractory-free, as well as the burner throat, when integrated with our NATCOM burner. D-style boilers can be customized to provide superheated steam. We... [See More]

  • Features: Superheater
  • Maximum Pressure: 1500
  • Maximum Temperature: 1050
  • Steam Generation: 10000 to 500000
Rental Boilers
from INDECK Power Equipment Company

Wherever and whenever customers' need power,. in an emergency or to meet a temporary need, Indeck can turn it on fast. Whether a customer has an emergency, natural disaster, shut-down, testing, or just planned downtime, Indeck has a power solution for every need. Indeck maintains the world's largest... [See More]

  • Features: Skidded / Packaged; Superheater
  • Maximum Pressure: 300 to 750
Electric Steam Superheater -- SSH
from Sussman Electric Boilers

Designed to your special heating requirements, the Sussman Series SSH steam superheaters are suitable for the heating of saturated steam under pressurized conditions adding BTU s to increase the quality and raise the temperature of saturated steam to match your process requirements. The SSH series... [See More]

  • Features: ASME; Superheater
  • Maximum Pressure: 300
  • Maximum Temperature: 1000
  • Type: Steam