Collar Accordion Bellows and Protective Boots Datasheets

Rubber Bellows
from CT Gasket & Polymer Co., Inc.

CTG has more than 30 years of experience producing components of all types from many different kinds of elastomer. Examples of the types of products we have manufactuctured include: A 6-in. thick, 55-durometer Viton ® seal with an 18-in. O.D. and a 1-in. cross section. A 60-in. diameter kip seal... [See More]

  • End Configuration: Collar
  • Shape: Round; Tapered (optional feature)
  • Application: Rod/Screw Cover
Dip-molded Bellows
from Dynatect Manufacturing, Inc.

Multiflex bellows are produced using a dip molding process, resulting in a neat, clean-looking bellows. Precision aluminum forms are produced in-house to ensure a flexible, fast and precise solution. This process is suitable for up to 5,000 pieces. Dip-molded bellows are available in almost any... [See More]

  • End Configuration: Collar
  • Shape: Square / Rectangular (Closed); Tapered
  • Application: Cylinder Protection
Seal Saver – Hydraulic Cylinder Protective Boot
from Fluid Control Services, Inc.

The Seal Saver cylinder cover protects your hydraulic equipment from damage caused by silt-sized particles entering the hydraulic system. This easy to install protective boot opens and closes like an accordion as the cylinders work, keeping the hydraulic system clean from debris and extending the... [See More]

  • End Configuration: Collar
  • Shape: Round
  • Application: Cylinder Protection
  • Extended Length: 1800
Drive Shaft Sealing Bellows -- Custom
from ContiTech AG

Our drive shaft sealing components provide covering for propeller shaft joints. They provide optimum protection under high dynamic stress. ContiTech axle boots made of thermoplastic elastomers protect for drive shaft ’s joints. Axle boots can also be supplied as a premounted system with clips... [See More]

  • End Configuration: Collar
  • Shape: Round; Tapered
  • Application: Drive Shaft
GORTIFLEX® Convoluted Tubing -- CT-1
from Gortite Division of A&A Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Gortiflex ® bellows units can be used as covers for screws, rods, ball spline, or any application requiring protection against chips, dirt, grit, and other abrasive matter. Unites can also be applied as flexible connectors where vibration, movement, or misalignment are involved. Gortiflex... [See More]

  • End Configuration: Collar
  • Shape: Round
  • Application: Expansion Joint; Rod/Screw Cover
  • Retracted Length: 5.25