Jacket Material:Other AC Power Cords Datasheets

Retractile Power Cord Set -- 120 Series
from BRIM Electronics, Inc.

SVO and SJO Neoprene, SVT & SJT Plastic jacketed cord set with a molded plug on one end, other end, jacket stripped & conductor exposed for easy termination. For mobile office equipment and tools. Cond. color code: 1-Black, 2-White, 3-Green [See More]

  • Number of Conductors: 3
  • Female End Type: Female Hard Wired Stripped
  • Male End Type: NEMA 7-50P; 300V Operating
  • Cord Length: 108
1' 6" 18/3 SJTW B 4 N C14 (6") TO 5-15RX4 -- 0713.018
from Quail Electronics

Supply End: IEC-60320-C14. Equipment End: NEMA 5-15R x 4 [See More]

  • Number of Conductors: 3
  • Polarization: Polarized
  • Male End Type: EN 60320-C14
  • Female End Type: NEMA 5-15R
AC Power Cords -- CA-AUS-8FT-3W-S/T-ICC-H05RNF1.0
from Condor Electronics, Inc.

Australian 3 conductor cord with stripped and tinned color coded wires. Outdoor rated. [See More]

  • Number of Conductors: 3
  • Cord Length: 96
  • Male End Type: AS 3112
  • Jacket Material: Neoprene
Marinco 24" Power Cord -- 152400-01
from Marinco Electrical Group

Accept 14 gauge, strip/retain cord termination, connect charge inlet [See More]

  • Male End Type: NEMA 5-15P
  • Wire Shape: Round
  • Cord Length: 24
  • Jacket Material: Vinyl
eurofast® 2-Branch Molded Junction -- VB2-FSM 4.4/2RK 4.4T-*/*/S651
from TURCK Inc.

Parallel wired, 2 corded female connector, 1 male connector [See More]

  • Number of Conductors: 4
  • Polarization: Nonpolarized
  • Male End Type: Male Hard Wired Terminal; IEC IP 68, NEMA 1,3,4,6P
  • Female End Type: Female Hard Wired Terminals; IEC IP 68, NEMA 1,3,4,6P