Parabolic Mirror Optical Mirrors Datasheets

Front Surface Parabolic Mirrors for Imaging Systems
from Qioptiq

Designed for imaging systems. No spherical aberration. High-precision flatness. Substrates are fabricated from low expansion material. Aluminum coatings with a protective SiO2 overcoating (RAL). Mirror radii = 2 • f [See More]

  • Mirror Types: Parabolic Mirror
  • Diameter/Width: 100
  • Focal Length: 660
  • Mirror Coatings: Protected Aluminum
Off Axis Parabolic Mirror -- OAP090-30-180y
from Specialty Components, Inc.

Diamond turned first-surface Aluminum mirrors provide a highly efficient parabolic focus of light in the infrared range. Guaranteed at ½ , ¼ or 1/8 waveform accuracy with <16nm Ra surface finish. Select from protected Aluminum, protected Gold or untreated coatings combined with your... [See More]

  • Mirror Types: Parabolic Mirror
  • Mirror Shape: Elliptical
  • Diameter/Width: 22.86
  • Mirror Materials: Aluminum
100mm Dia x 12.5mm FL Parabolic Reflector, Cold Mirror Coating -- NT90-967
from Edmund Optics Inc.

Precision Polished Substrate. Protected Aluminum and Cold Mirror Coating Options. Ideal for Highly Divergent Light Sources. Precision Ellipsoidal Reflectors Also Available. Precision Parabolic Reflectors are ideal for collimating a light source placed at the focal point of the mirror. The parabolic... [See More]

  • Mirror Types: Parabolic Mirror
  • Mirror Shape: Round
  • Diameter/Width: 100
  • Mirror Materials: BOROFLOAT®
Long Working Distance Off-Axis Parabo

Finished optics manufacturing requires unique techniques coupled with precision-machining and fabrication. II-VI's Saxonburg plant has provided optical fabrication capabilities to our customers since 1971. On average, our operators have 15 years of optical fabrication experience. Although we... [See More]

  • Mirror Types: Parabolic Mirror
  • Mirror Materials: Copper
  • Diameter/Width: 250
  • Mirror Coatings: Uncoated; Protected Gold (optional feature); Silver (optional feature); Enhanced Gold