Magnetic Storage Thin Film Equipment Datasheets

High Vacuum Experimentation Systems -- UNIVEX 450C Cluster Systems
from Leybold USA Inc.

For special applications we can also supply cluster systems based on the UNIVEX concept. These clusters are equipped according to customers requirements and incorporate separate processing and load lock and transfer chambers. [See More]

  • Applications: Flat Panel Display (optional feature); MEMS (optional feature); Optical Coatings (optional feature); Semiconductors (optional feature); Cutting tool or other wear components (optional feature); Magnetic storage (optional feature); Customer Specific
  • Process: Physical Vapor Deposition; Resistance Evaporation (optional feature); Electron Beam Evaporation (optional feature); DC_Sputter (optional feature); RF_Sputter (optional feature); Plasma Etching and Cleaning (optional feature); Multiple Processes (optional feature); Rapid Thermal Processing (optional feature); Vacuum Annealing; Vacuum Soldering
  • Type: Free Standing System; Cluster Tool
  • Materials Processed: Aluminum; Metal; Silicon; Dielectric or Ceramic; Polymer
EWA Series
from ULVAC Technologies, Inc.

EW Series models are deposition systems for evaporation of metal or oxides onto continuously-wound plastic film, paper or metal foil. Models range from compact types for research, to systems for mass-production. They can be used to manufacture products such as packaging materials, capacitors and... [See More]

  • Applications: Optical Coatings; Research / Surface Analysis; Semiconductors; Magnetic storage
  • Materials Processed: Metal; Oxides
  • Process: Physical Vapor Deposition; Induction Evaporation
  • Wafer / Part Size: 3000