None - Manual Thermal Spray Equipment Datasheets

PTA PHE Hardfacing Cladding, Powder Feeder (TDS)
from Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions

PTR DP1 powder feeder model is designed for PTA - PHE hardfacing process . It can feed any kind of metal and carbide powder having a spherical shape. PTR DP1 is not suitable for angular powders. Powder storage. Standard capacity of 2 liters (~10,5kg Ni - Co - Fe , ~16,5kg Ni - WC). Poly carbonate... [See More]

  • Automation / Control: None / Manual
  • Equipment Type: Component
  • Type: PTA
  • Options / Components: Feeder / Metering Unit
Nanoparticle Deposition System -- FlameBeam
from Tethis S.r.l.

FlameBeam is the Tethis' system for the deposition on nanostructured thin films assembled by nanoparticles produced with the flame spray pyrolysis process. Deposition system is structured in three main stages: the feeding/control stage, the FlameBeam Source (FBS) and the deposition chamber, with its... [See More]

  • Automation / Control: None / Manual; Automatic (optional feature)
  • Equipment Type: Complete System
  • Type: Powder Flame Spray; Vacuum Flame Spray Pyrolysis
  • Options / Components: Applicator / Gun; Cabinet or Hood Type Booth; Monitor / Dectector; Pump / Compressor; Feeder / Metering Unit

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