Flame Spray - Rod  / Rokide® Thermal Spray Equipment Datasheets

Flame Spray Equipment
from Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions

Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions has manufactured a unique range of flame spray guns for more than 90 years. Our guns are unique because they can produce a range of coatings with materials such as metals, ceramics, carbides and composites. This equipment can be used in-house for small, medium or large... [See More]

  • Type: Rod Flame Spray
  • Options / Components: Applicator / Gun
  • Equipment Type: Component
  • Automation / Control: None / Manual
ROKIDE® Spray System
from Saint-Gobain Innovative Materials

The ROKIDE ® Spray System is unique because it utilizes ceramic oxide rods. The rods are melted in a patented spray unit which projects the fully molten particles onto the substrate. The ROKIDE ® particles cannot leave the spray unit until fully molten. These particles have high kinetic... [See More]

  • Type: Rod Flame Spray
  • Automation / Control: None / Manual
  • Equipment Type: Complete System
  • Mounting: Handheld