Cable Jacket:Other Electrical Power Wires Datasheets

FEP High Voltage Wire -- 2475
from Daburn Electronics & Cable

#2475 FEP High Voltage Wire. Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) high voltage wire. This wire achieves high voltage protection due to the excellent dielectric properties of FEP and therefore has smaller diameters than other high voltage wires. FEP also has a high stress crack resistance and retains... [See More]

  • Product Type: Single Conductor Wire
  • Rated Voltage: 18 to 30
  • Cable Length: 250 to 1000
  • Rated Temperature: -65 to 200
Armored Cable,Aluminum,10/2 Ga,250 Feet -- 2VGF9 [55527501 from Southwire Company, LLC]
from Grainger Industrial Supply

Metal Clad Armored Cable, Aluminum,With Bare Aluminum Grounding/ Bonding Conductor, Gauge/Conductor 10/2, Conductor Solid Copper, Spool/Coil Length 250 Ft, Cable Type Flexible, Max Amps 30, Max. Voltage 600, Color Silver, Nominal Outside Dia 0.485 In, Temp. Range 194 F, Standards UL [See More]

  • Cable Length: 250
  • Rated Amperage: 30
  • Rated Voltage: 0.6000
  • Rated Temperature: 90
Chainflex® CF300 Motor Cable TPE
from igusĀ® inc.

Typical Applications. • for maximum mechanical load requirements. • indoor and outdoor applications, UV-resistant. • for freely suspended and gliding travel up to 1312 ft (400m) or more. • storage and retrieval units for high-bay warehouses, machine tools, quick handling,... [See More]

  • Number of Conductors: 1
  • Rated Temperature: -35 to 100
  • Rated Voltage: 0.6000 to 1
  • Cable Jacket: Polyvinyl Chloride; TPE-O
2-Wire North American -- 86030610
from Interpower

Description: North American 2x16 AWG Cable [See More]

  • Product Type: Multiconductor Cable; SJEOW
  • Rated Voltage: 0.3000
  • Number of Conductors: 2
  • Rated Amperage: 13
Feedback & Power Cable Assemblies for Flexing Applications -- MP Series Motors
from Lapp Group

All raw cable is Lapp product; datasheets are available on our website or by contacting sales. Assembly drawings are available on our website. Custom versions are available upon request. [See More]

  • Product Type: Transmission / Distribution Wire
  • Cable Jacket: Polyvinyl Chloride (optional feature); TPE
  • Rated Voltage: 0.3000 to 0.6000
  • Cable Insulation: Polyvinyl Chloride (optional feature); PVC/Nylon or TPE
Custom Cable Assemblies
from LEMO USA, Inc.

LEMO can supply a connecting solution that meets your specific requirements, including special materials, personalized layout and cable assembly. Description: • Coaxial cable. • Triaxial cable. • Video cable. • Audio cable. • Multiconductor cable. • PTFE cable. •... [See More]

  • Product Type: Instrumentation and Control; Multiconductor Cable; CAT 7, Spiral, Hybrid, High Voltage, FLAT'N'ROUND Cables
  • Standards / Approvals: CSA Mark; UL Recognized Component Mark (US and Canadian); ISO; IEC
  • Cable Jacket: PTFE, PUR
from Quail Electronics

10' 16/3 SJT B I BLUNT CUT TO BLUNT CUT. Our part number 16/3-SJTBIH-10 is a 3 conductor, 16 gauge, weather-proof, junior service thermoplastic cord, bearing the SJTW 105 °C designation. This product is sold by the foot. This product features a jacket with international color coding. It is rated... [See More]

  • Product Type: Multiconductor Cable
  • Rated Voltage: 0.3000
  • Number of Conductors: 3
  • Rated Amperage: 13
CC 540 CP - Shielded Oil Resistant, Tear Resistant, Flexible PUR Control Cable -- 52850207
from SAB North America

CC 540 CP is a multi-conductor, flexible power supply cable with a rugged, abrasion resistant polyurethane jacket. The polyurethane jacket allows this cable to. be used both indoors and outdoors, in wet, dry, cold or hot conditions. An overall tinned copper braid is recommended whenever electrical... [See More]

  • Product Type: Instrumentation and Control; Multiconductor Cable
  • Rated Voltage: 0.3000 to 0.5000
  • Number of Conductors: 2
  • Rated Temperature: 90
12/3 100FT SJEOW YL LIT/END SEO/SJEO EXTENSION CORDS -- 70038090 [16890002 from Coleman Cable, Inc.]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

America 's premier extension cords. Type SJEOW T*PRENE ® insulated, 3-conductor, all-purpose cords with power indicator light. UL listed, CSA certified and meets OSHA requirements for outdoor use. Made in the U.S.A. [See More]

  • Product Type: Power Cable
  • Number of Conductors: 3
  • Cable Length: 100
  • Rated Temperature: -55 to 90
from Harbour Industries, Inc.

Electronic and electrical installations [See More]

  • Product Type: Single Conductor Wire
  • Rated Temperature: 200
  • Rated Voltage: 0.6000
  • Cable Jacket: Extruded FEP
Military Spec Cable -- M27500 RC-06 | NEMA WC 27500 RC-06
from Multi/Cable Corporation

APPLICATIONS: Aerospace flight vehicles. CHARACTERISTICS: PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Primary conductors: M22759/11*. Shield: Silver coated copper braid, 85% coverage. Jacket: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Tape. TEMPERATURE RATING: 200 °C. VOLTAGE RATING: 600 volt [See More]

  • Product Type: Multiconductor Cable
  • Rated Temperature: ? to 200
  • Rated Voltage: 0.6000
  • Cable Jacket: PTFE Tape
Northwire SJEOW Cordage -- FSJE143-01K
from Northwire, Inc.

Harshest-duty SJEOW power cord rated to 300V, special thermoplastic alloy jacket material, meets or exceeds UL and CSA rating for 105 C SJEOW, maintains excellent flexibility to -50 C, oil-, detergent-, solvent- and moisture-resistant construction, unique jacket material provides excellent abrasion... [See More]

  • Product Type: Multiconductor Cable
  • Rated Voltage: 0.3000
  • Number of Conductors: 3
  • Rated Temperature: -50 to 105
from Okonite Company (The)

For use in underground ducts, direct buried or lashed to a messenger [See More]

  • Number of Conductors: 3
  • Rated Temperature: 90
  • Rated Voltage: 15
  • Cable Jacket: Thermoplastic rubber (TPR)