Standards / Approvals:Other Electrical Power Wires Datasheets

CHV™ Corona Resistant High Voltage PTFE Cable -- CHV
from BRIM Electronics, Inc.

BRIM CHV ä eliminates the need for bulky, thick insulation, as used with Silicone Rubber high voltage cables, and provides high temperature resistance not available with Polyethylene or Rubber insulated high voltage cables, plus the added benefit of retarding and deterring corona discharges. [See More]

  • Cable Length: 250 to 1000
  • Rated Voltage: 2.5 to 50
  • Number of Conductors: 1
  • Rated Temperature: -90 to 250
Signal+Power Cable -- ETFE Bare

Cable for use in road vehicles applications, where constant hot oil immersion is required. [See More]

  • Rated Voltage: 0.4000 to 0.6000
  • Cable Insulation: ETFE, Extruded Flouropolymer
  • Rated Temperature: -55 to 150
  • Cable Conductor: Copper
2-Wire International Cable -- 86020160
from Interpower

Description: International 2x0.75mm � Harmonized Cable [See More]

  • Product Type: Multiconductor Cable; H05VVF
  • Rated Voltage: 0.3000 to 0.5000
  • Number of Conductors: 2
  • Rated Amperage: 6
Flexible VFD Cable with a Pair for Signal or Temperature Sensor; 600V/1000V; UL & c(UL) TC Approval -- ÖLFLEX® VFD with Signal
from Lapp Group

Ouml;LFLEX ® VFD with Signal is an extremely oil- and UV-resistant shielded motor power cable for VFD drives, with an additional pair for brake or temperature sensor. ÖLFLEX ® VFD with Signal is designed with the “Lapp Surge Guard ” insulation system, which includes a... [See More]

  • Product Type: Instrumentation and Control; Multiconductor Cable; VFD Control Cable
  • Rated Voltage: 0.6000 to 1
  • Number of Conductors: 4
  • Rated Temperature: -40 to 105
Control Cable -- H05BQ-F
from Hi-Tech Controls, Inc.

These cables can be used for medium mechanical loads in dry, damp or wet environments, e.g. for connecting agricultural and commercial equipment and heaters provided there is no danger of contact with the hot parts or by radiation of heat. These robust and flexible cables are used for electrical... [See More]

  • Product Type: Multiconductor Cable
  • Rated Voltage: 2 to 2.5
  • Number of Conductors: 2 to 5
  • Rated Temperature: -45 to 90
600V Unjacketed Hoistway Cable -- HCC48LO
from James Monroe Wire and Cable Corporation

Application: For use in Elevator Installations in accordance with. Article 620 of the NFPA 70 “National Electric Code ”. Features: Flexible Copper Conductors. VW-1 / FT1 Rated. Jute Core & Overall Synthetic Braid. Optional Shielded Pairs. Cable Construction: Flexible Bunch Stranded... [See More]

  • Rated Voltage: 0.6000
  • Cable Shielding: 20 AWG Shielded Pairs
  • Rated Temperature: 60
  • Cable Insulation: Polyvinyl Chloride
FLEX-SOL Insulated Solar Cable -- FLEX-SOL-XL 1,5 SN
from Multi-Contact USA

Years of experience in the production of multi-stranded wires with PVC, silicone, TPE, Teflon and other insulating materials form the basis of our quality and manufacturing standard in this field. Our multi-stranded wires are based on super-fine, bright-soft electrolytic copper strands. Depending on... [See More]

  • Product Type: Single Conductor Wire
  • Rated Voltage: 1
  • Number of Conductors: 1
  • Rated Amperage: 30
Flexible Service Cord -- SJTOOW - PVC Portable Cord
from Multi/Cable Corporation

APPLICATIONS: Hard usage where flexibility and durability is required. Designed for severe temperature extremes and harsh environments: exposure to oil, chemicals, abrasion. Suitable for dry / wet locations. Large appliances, outdoor electrical equipment, heavy-duty tools, motors. and temporary... [See More]

  • Rated Voltage: 0.3000
  • Cable Jacket: Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Rated Temperature: -30 to 105
  • Cable Insulation: Polyvinyl Chloride
EnduroFLEX ERP -- FTC103-001
from Northwire, Inc.

Dual-rated STOOW and TC/Exposed-run, complies with NPFA-79-2002 allowing exposed power trunk and drop cables on machinery when installed in compliance with applicable codes, reduce installation costs by eliminating conduits, can be used with connectors to speed installation and enhance machine... [See More]

  • Product Type: Multiconductor Cable
  • Rated Voltage: 0.6000
  • Number of Conductors: 3
  • Rated Amperage: 40