Assembly Method:Other Precision Locknuts Datasheets

SLN Type -- SLN 02 [SLN 02 from SBC Linear Co., Ltd.]
from Alliance for Precision Systems, Div of TPA, LLC

Precision class, no need for lock washer or fluting of shaft key, 0.075 kg [See More]

  • Design Units: Metric
  • Locking Face Diameter: 1.02
  • Major Thread Diameter: 0.5906
  • Overall Locknut Diameter: 1.3
Face Lock Locking Hex Nuts
from Taper Line, Inc.

Thread and Hex sizes can be ordered to your specifications. Metric threads available upon request. Face Lock Screws may extend beyond locking face. Class 3B Threads. Locking Screws Included [See More]

  • Design Units: English; Metric (optional feature)
  • Major Thread Diameter: 0.4375 to 3
  • Thread Direction: Right Hand Thread.; Left Hand Thread. (optional feature)
  • Threads per Inch (English) or Pitch (Metric): 12 to 20