Inertially Guided Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) Datasheets

Automated Guided Fork Vehicle -- DF-40
from Savant Automation, Inc.

Savant fork AGVs cover a wide range of configurations and capacities. Standard capacities range from 1,200 to 4,000 lbs. Our modular design, based on standard chassis, allow a flexible combination of fork attachments and lift heights to be provided. Savant fork AGVs are ideal for applications where... [See More]

  • Guidance Type: Inertially Guided
  • Maximum Travel Speed: 200
  • Load Capacity: 4000
  • AGV Type: Forklift AGV
Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV's) -- A10
from AGVE AB

AGVE offers a unique range of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), ranging from standard models to over 100 tailor-made vehicles. Models use a wide range of navigation technologies such as laser/vision/ contour/wire/magnet . AGVE provide the highest quality automated guided vehicles for the most... [See More]

  • Guidance Type: Laser Guided; Wire Guided (optional feature); Inertially Guided (optional feature)
  • Maximum Lift Height: 26.25
  • Load Capacity: 3308
  • AGV Type: Unit Load AGV; Forklift AGV; Tugger AGV
Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems
from Amerden, Inc.

Amerden specializes in designing custom Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems for your material handling needs. When choosing Amerden as your AGV system vendor you receive a quality product and support from the company who services, repairs, and supports AGV systems to the component level. Amerden... [See More]

  • Guidance Type: Laser Guided (optional feature); Wire Guided (optional feature); Inertially Guided (optional feature)
  • AGV Type: Unit Load AGV (optional feature); Forklift AGV (optional feature); Tugger AGV (optional feature)