Heat Lamps Lamps Datasheets

Sealed Beam -- CK0002
from Eraser Company, Inc.

These lamps provide all the advantages of conventional T3 quartz infrared lamps and more without the problems. The cold zones at each end of the lamp provide for easy mounting using simple clips or springs. The elimination of the need for bulky modules permits use in confined areas. The internal... [See More]

  • Lamp Type: Heat Lamps
  • Rated Average Life: 5000
  • Lamp Power: 1000
  • Maximum Overall Length: 10.24
Quartz Infrared Halogen Lamps -- 10-6K-480V-1.2A
from Rhenium Alloys, Inc.

Many semiconductor equipment manufacturers prefer the Quartz Halogen Lamps produced by Rhenium Alloys, because of our extreme care in manufacturing - from raw materials to finished lamps. All Rhenium Alloy Lamps are hand made beginning with the Tungsten wire, and employing strict quality control,... [See More]

  • Lamp Type: Halogen Lamps; Heat Lamps
  • Maximum Overall Length: 13.5
  • Lamp Power: 6000
  • Color Temperature: 3150
Bulbtronics Infrared Lamps -- hc-14-395-484
from Fisher Scientific

US QIH420-3800T/S No. 1001369. Lamp, Infrared, Bulbtronics; US QIH420-3800T/S No. 1001369 [See More]

  • Lamp Type: Heat Lamps
Carbon High Power Emitter
from Heraeus Noblelight, LLC

High heating efficiency and rapid cool down make the mediumwave infrared carbon heater from Heraeus the only medium-wave heater to offer response times comparable toshortwave lamps. Suitable for all medium-wave applications, this heater also allows the user to match temperatures to the optimal... [See More]

  • Lamp Type: Heat Lamps
  • Maximum Overall Length: 48.82
  • Lamp Power: 3800
  • Diameter: 19
Specialty - Heat Lamp - 125R40/1 -- 48069
from Kennedy Webster Electric Co.

GE Heat Lamp R40 - Heat Lamp [See More]

  • Lamp Type: Heat Lamps; Incandescent Lamps
  • Maximum Overall Length: 2.58
  • Lamp Power: 125
LampIR -- 057540-007
from Research, Inc. (RI) /Precision Control Systems, Inc. (PCS)

Pigtail lead electrical connection [See More]

  • Lamp Type: Heat Lamps
  • Rated Average Life: 5000
  • Lamp Power: 3800
  • Maximum Overall Length: 41.81
125BR40/1 -- 1729
from Shat-R-Shield, Inc.

Clear finish, heat lamp, plastic-coated, shatterproof [See More]

  • Lamp Type: Heat Lamps
  • Maximum Overall Length: 6.5
  • Lamp Power: 125