Quartz Infrared Halogen Lamps -- 10-6K-480V-1.2A
from Rhenium Alloys, Inc.

Many semiconductor equipment manufacturers prefer the Quartz Halogen Lamps produced by Rhenium Alloys, because of our extreme care in manufacturing - from raw materials to finished lamps. All Rhenium Alloy Lamps are hand made beginning with the Tungsten wire, and employing strict quality control,... [See More]

  • Lamp Type: Halogen Lamps; Heat Lamps
  • Maximum Overall Length: 13.5
  • Lamp Power: 6000
  • Color Temperature: 3150
Bulbtronics Infrared Lamps -- hc-14-395-484
from Fisher Scientific

US QIH420-3800T/S No. 1001369. Lamp, Infrared, Bulbtronics; US QIH420-3800T/S No. 1001369 [See More]

  • Lamp Type: Heat Lamps
Carbon High Power Emitter
from Heraeus Noblelight, LLC

High heating efficiency and rapid cool down make the mediumwave infrared carbon heater from Heraeus the only medium-wave heater to offer response times comparable toshortwave lamps. Suitable for all medium-wave applications, this heater also allows the user to match temperatures to the optimal... [See More]

  • Lamp Type: Heat Lamps
  • Maximum Overall Length: 16.93
  • Lamp Power: 1000
  • Diameter: 19
Specialty - Heat Lamp - 125R40/1 -- 48069
from Kennedy Webster Electric Co.

GE Heat Lamp R40 - Heat Lamp [See More]

  • Lamp Type: Heat Lamps; Incandescent Lamps
  • Maximum Overall Length: 2.58
  • Lamp Power: 125
LampIR -- 057540-007
from Research, Inc. (RI) /Precision Control Systems, Inc. (PCS)

Pigtail lead electrical connection [See More]

  • Lamp Type: Heat Lamps
  • Rated Average Life: 5000
  • Lamp Power: 3800
  • Maximum Overall Length: 41.81
125BR40/1 -- 1729
from Shat-R-Shield, Inc.

Clear finish, heat lamp, plastic-coated, shatterproof [See More]

  • Lamp Type: Heat Lamps
  • Maximum Overall Length: 6.5
  • Lamp Power: 125