Mounted Iris Diaphragm Optical Mounts Datasheets

Iris Diaphragm 50 in Mounting Ring
from Qioptiq

Opens to 50 mm diameter. Closes down to 2.5 mm diameter. Mates to optic holder 63-M, G036068000 and Centering ring R, G070014000 [See More]

  • Mount Type: Iris Diaphragm
  • Diameter, Side Length, Elliptical Major Axis or Rectangular Length: 2.5 to 50
  • Shape: Circular
  • Maximum Thickness: 10.5
Iris Mount for 19.8mm Outer Diameter Irises -- NT53-918
from Edmund Optics Inc.

Black Anodized Aluminum mounts for our most popular iris diaphragms. Letters in table refer to diagram for mounted Standard Series Iris Diaphragms. Set screws included. [See More]

  • Mount Type: Iris Diaphragm
  • Maximum Thickness: 6.4
Iris Diaphragm -- ID-0.5
from Newport Corporation

Aperture range: 1-11mm, 16mm optical axis height with optional MH-2P holder [See More]

  • Mount Type: Mirror Mount; Iris Diaphragm
  • Shape: Circular