6" Concave Vacuum Cup with Nukklehead Mount -- TL6PH155
from Wood's Powr-Grip Co., Inc.

Powr-GripĀ® mounting cups provide a reliable, temporary fastener on almost any smooth, nonporous surface, such as metal or glass. Available in a range of styles to cover most applications and capacity requirements, they can be used to mount cameras, sopes, testing equipment, antennas, lights, signs,... [See More]

  • Adjustment Type: Kinematic
  • Mount Type: Mounts cameras
Motorized Mirror Mount, 2 Axis, 1/4"-20 thread with M6 adaptor, RS-232 control -- T-MM2-V
from Zaber Technologies, Inc.

The T-MM2-V is a computer controlled two axis low vacuum mirror mount with 1.5 urad (0.000086 deg) resolution and 187 mrad (10.5 deg) of angular travel. It is a stand alone unit requiring only a 15V power supply. It has a built-in controller and connects directly to the RS-232 port of any computer. [See More]

  • Adjustment Type: Kinematic
  • Shape: Circular
  • Mount Type: Mirror Mount
360 Degree Rotator -- Model 13031
from Newport Corporation

High sensitivity, negligible backlash and play, micrometer drive [See More]

  • Adjustment Type: Kinematic
  • Clear Aperture: 44.5
  • Mount Type: Polarizer Mount; Prism Table; Retardation Plate
  • Shape: Circular
Adjustable Collimating Lens Holders -- 74-ACH [74-ACH from Ocean Optics, Inc.]
from SpectrEcology LLC

Adjustable collimating lens holder, anodized aluminum base, adjustable bars [See More]

  • Adjustment Type: Kinematic
  • Shape: Circular
  • Mount Type: Lens Holder