Er: YAG, ERBSAFE, Large Wraparound -- KWL-ERBSAFE
from KENTEK Corporation

Laser Protective Eyewear for Er:YAG applications. OD 5+ @ 2940nm VLT 85%. Clear poly curved lens. The KWL is a large fit-over wraparound style spectacle with ratcheting, adjustable length temples, fits over Rx glasses. Universal fit. Meets ANSI Z136.1-2007 and Z87.1-2010 (Z87+). [See More]

  • Laser Technology: Er:YAG; Erbium
  • Lens Material Property: Transmissibility: 85
  • Laser Wavelength (Primary): 2940
  • Lens Material Property: Optical Density: 5
Uvex<reg> Laser Goggles -- GO-86528-01
from Cole-Parmer

Laser Goggles, DIODE-YAG. Superior side protection. Translucent goggle body offers same protection as the lens. Soft comfortable polymer conforms to individual facial contours for proper fit. Vent system for air flow. UVExtremereg coating reduces fogging, scratches, and static. Frame color: Green. [See More]

  • Laser Technology: Diode; Er:YAG
  • Lens Material Property: Transmissibility: 30
  • Laser Wavelength (Primary): 190 to 380
  • Lens Material Property: Optical Density: 3
Lgf Laser Eyewear, Yag/diode -- EW-86438-24
from Cole-Parmer Instrument Company

Excellent visible light transmission minimizes distortion. Introduction to Eye Protection. OSHA requirements state that protective eye and face devices must comply with ANSI Z87.1 (American Standard Protection). ANSI Z87.1 requires that all lenses be permanently imprinted with the manufacturer... [See More]

  • Laser Technology: Diode; Er:YAG