Spectacles Laser Protective Eyewear Datasheets

31-30135 - Honeywell LGF Laser Eyewear, Helium Neon/Red Diodes -- GO-86438-29
from Cole-Parmer

bull; Excellent visible light transmission minimizes distortion. These lightweight, impact-resistant polymer lenses are suitable for low-powered lasers or indirect laser exposure. Wavelength, optical density, and lot number are inscribed across lens for easy identification. All eyewear comes with... [See More]

  • Type: Glasses
  • Laser Technology: HeNe
Fitover Laser Safety Goggles
from Laserglow Technologies

Protect your vision with these US made, lab-grade laser safety goggles. Goggles are impact resistant, ANSI certified and come in a variety of lens types to suit all diode and DPSS lasers sold by Laserglow. Fitover goggles are designed to accommodate eyeglasses while still being comfortable and... [See More]

  • Type: Glasses
  • Lens Material Property: Transmissibility: 9.2 to 61
  • Laser Wavelength (Primary): 190 to 1090
  • Lens Material Property: Optical Density: 5 to 7